Spring will soon be upon us and the Cowboys...

In anticipation of the beefest about to occur-


The acquisition of Brooking, and now, the signing of Ivor Olshanksy means a lot to this current group of Cowboys.

I actually think that this adds a ton to the defensive side of the ball.

Allow me to explain, please...

First, Ivor Olshansky is a top notched talent for the NFL. Yea, he might not get the exposure as a talent that saw a $100M contract given out this year. Granted, but he is a meat and potatoes player that does possess a low gear and drive that is needed on a championship team. He has a non-stop motor and will drive the pocket towards the quarterback type of a strength. He is very solid against the run AND can disengage from blockers to tackle a carrier. This is better than what Canty was bringing to the field, where he shot the gap for many successes. Olshansky can demand a double team and at the same time, hold his turf.

Now, mix in a matched pair at interior linebacker..finally! With the signing of Brooking, Dallas now has two very vicious pieces in the center of their defense. Given the effectiveness now, with Spears and Olshansky, these two will be very intense and tough in the very center of the Dallas defense. To me, this is MAJOR!!

At this point, one could bring back to view, the strength added by it's current depth at position. Both Bowen and Hatcher add in ability to sustain over the course of a game. Bowen is getting up to speed as to NFL strength and techniqe as well. He became a menace on quarterbacks and runners both. Hatcher, has an ability to get to the quarterback and is growing in response and identification of the running game up has receivers that can contribute on the same exact level that TO fell to, during this past season, and probably produce a littel better in his replacement. I don't know that a single player will grab 10+ receptions, but that same amount of success will be added in a variety of ways now.

The all important blend, will now return to a championship supportive mix of about 52% passing and a 48% running mixture. This will utilize much more of the very strong stable of running backs that Dallas possesses. This is a potential dynamic aspect that will be given fuller venting and use. Felix Jones will easily replace any 'big play' missing in the departure of Terrell Owens. Marion Barber will not have to bang an entire game now, as Choice can now be used to add sustainability to the mix at pounding the rock up and around the middle.

The job of the Dallas offensive line just got a little bit easier, as it can now lay it's heavy offensive line up upon opposing defenses. Dallas has a size advantage against most of it's opponents now. This, although tending to bring more people into the box area...also allows now, for play-action, quick slants, and screens and draws to the advantage of those same blockers. What this also does, is give flexibility back to players such as Adam Jones and Marc Colombo on the outside. Speed rushers will now have to stay 'home' a little more, as they could just rush their way out of a draw lane.

Throw Roy Williams into the TO blend of 8-9 passes a game, and see if he doesn't equal the production of what TO had for the Cowboys this past season. Mix in Miles Austin and Patrick Crayton with 4-5 passes a game, and just see if they don't 'step up to the plate'.

Things haven't changed so much, as Tony Romo can now utilize his full arsenal of talent, instead of being forced into looking for TO or then Witten. 
Taken as elements that are used at the direction of Wade Phillips, the whole team has just stepped up to the plate with staying power and an improved effect of aggressive intensity that has 'big play' potential written all over it as well. This now applies to both sides of the ball for Dallas. 


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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