The Most Talented Team? Part II

A few days ago amid the TO and Roy Williams hoopla, I wrote about the “Talented Cowboys (I hope you read it).  It was essentially a breakdown of the 2008 starters.  Perhaps it was a bit of a downer, but so was the 2008 season.  What I failed to address was the team concept, for 22 starters does not make a team.  Unlike the previous prose, sullen and gloomy, (I’m talking about the tone, not the writing) hopefully this piece will provide some pleasant anticipation and excitement for the coming season.


It would be a chore to break down the entire team; I’ll leave that to an expert like Rafael or Wade Phillips.  But how about the young ‘uns?  Felix Jones, Tashard Choice, Mike Jenkins, Orlando Scandrick, and Martellus Bennett?  What a draft!  I only hope the Cowboys can draft like that this year, but that’s another subject.  Jerry, Wade, scouting department, I don’t know what kind of research you did, but keep drinking that Kool-Aid!  Maybe it was a matter of luck, maybe they really were on their draft board, whatever the case, wonderful job. 


Back to the subject.  The young ‘uns monumentally infused some serious talent in this team.  If we’re talking about the term talent, especially in football, you would definitely categorize Jones, Choice, Jenkins, Scandrick, and Bennett in the slot.  All of them have a tremendous skill set and speed to kill for their respective positions (except Choice).  Here’s a breakdown of the young ‘uns:


Mike Jenkins: a physical and tall corner with more than average speed, not a burner but his physicality can make up for it, will make the pro bowl in two years


Orlando Scandrick: not as big as Jenkins but just as physical, has speed to burn.  He ran a 4.33 at last year’s combine.  Is fluid, has smooth hips, can play the slot, and is willing to make a big hit.  He will also make the pro bowl.


Martellus Bennett:  Don’t tell him this because it might go to his head, and judging by his youtube videos, he really does have a serious case of hubris.  Bennett is as skilled as one can get for the TE position.  He’s tall, rangy, athletic, but is he tough and diligent?  If he is, he might be better than Jason Witten at some point in his career.  How soon?  It depends on his mentality.  Maybe he’ll learn by watching and emulating Witten.


Tashard Choice:  I won’t even go there; no cheesy puns.  Choice will be an outstanding running back.  You saw it; he has vision, quickness, and instincts.  The only thing he doesn’t have is breakaway speed, but neither did Emmitt.


Felix Jones:  Save the best for last?  Jones is really special.  The few games he played he was all Reggie Bush was supposed to be.  Jones is speedy, has good vision and instincts, and can turn the corner on a dime.  He has the potential to play the slot coming out of the backfield, if “Red” can ever figure it out.  If he stays in a game, defenses will have to account for him.  Everybody saw this last year; he can take it to the house any time he touches the ball!  It is rare that players can emulate what they did in college in the NFL, but Jones has done it.  I’m eagerly looking forward to see what this kid can do!


Got Talent?


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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