2009 Cowboys Mock Draft (w/ alternate choices)

******2nd Round******

*Pick #51 - William Moore (S / Missouri) - He is a ball hawk.  Could possibly replace Ken Hamlin at free safety (more pass coverage heavy) if he can’t get back to the numbers he put up in 2007.  He exploded onto the scene in 2007 with 8 picks that year.  He also has an attractive habit of returning picks for scores (4 or his 11 career picks returned).  Sounds like another safety we all know by the name of Ed Reed.  He could also play the strong safety position if Sensabaugh doesn't pan out.  Alternate picks are Louis Delmas (S / Western Michigan), Patrick Chung (S / Oregon) or Ron Brace (DT / Boston College)

*Pick #52 - If Miles Austin goes to the Jets then we will have a spot here with 2 scenarios.  If the cowboys let go of Miles Austin because they would have to pay more than what they would for a first rounder then they will most likely trade up to get a first round talent WR like Hakeem Nicks or Kenny Britt.  If they just let go of him for other reasons just to get the pick then they will use it to trade up and make sure they can get Ron Brace (DT / Boston College) along with a safety.  Either way you look at it, we aren't going to have a pick at #52.

******3rd Round******

*Pick #69 - Ramses Barden (WR / Cal Poly) - here is where we make a move to improve our the depth at the wideout position.  This guy is 6'6" with a 10" hand span and the longest arms in the draft and runs a very impressive for his size 4.51 40-yard dash.  He is also a great run blocker which will greatly help our running game and yeah, he may not be the "speed reciever" we need so much, but think about it.  Any guy that can keep up with him won't be able to get up as high as him.  This guy is going to be a golden pick and I am sure will develop into a great asset for our boys for years to come.  We may be able ot get him later so you may see Jerry in a trade with someone to get a deal and settle for a pick a little later in this round.  Alternate picks are Brandon Tate (WR / North Carolina), Derrick Williams (WR / Penn State) or Mike Thomas (WR / Arizona)

******4th Round******

*Pick #101 - Dorell Scott (DT / Clemson) - It is fairly improbable that the Cowboys will be able to get their hands on Ron Brace (DT / Rutgers).  He could very well be gone before they have a shot at him so this guy is an option for the big hole-clogging DT that they need to play nose tackle.  Alternate picks would be Louis Murphy (WR / Florida), Troy Kropog (OT / Tulane) or Jasper Brinkly (ILB / South Carolina)

*Pick #117 - Brandon Hughes (CB / Oregon State) - It is hard to teach speed and that is one thing that this guy has.  Its especially important in the later rounds as everything else they can build on with practice and experience.  Alternate choices are Lardarius Webb (CB / Nicholls State), Trevor Canfield (OG / Cincinatti), DeAngelo Smith (CB / Cincinatti), Victor Harris (CB / Virginia Tech), or T.J. Lang (OG / Eastern Michigan)

******5th Round******

*Pick #166 - Tony Fiametta (FB / Syracuse) - Deon Anderson is a little small and is listed as more of a running back.  Fiametta is not a ball carrier FB, but I don't see us handing the ball off to the FB much.  He does know how to clear a hole though as he has great explosion demonstrated by his 34" vertical and his 30 reps at 225 lbs in the bench press.  Alternate choices are Nate Davis (QB / Ball State), Johnny Knox (WR / Abilene Christian) or Michael Bennet (DE / Texas A&M)

*Pick #172 - Chris Baker (DT / Hampton) - Another big guy that can clog up a hole in the middle and possibly command a double team.  Exactly what we need in an NT.  Alternate choice is Aaron Kelly (WR / Clemson) or Quan Cosby (WR / Texas)

******6th Round******

*Pick #197 - Roger Allen (OG / Missouri Western State) - lets get some depth going on the O-Line and people we can groom.  Alternate choice is Lydon Murtha (OT / Nebraska)

*Pick #208 - Joe Burnett (CB / Central Florida) - He might not have speed but has proven to be a great asset on special teams.  Potentially could be our big special teams guy for returning punts and kicks (3 punt and 2 kickoff returns for touchdowns in career).  Also a ball hawk with 16 career interceptions.  We also desperately need depth at this position.  Alternate choice is Brooks Foster (WR / North Carolina)

******7th Round******

*Pick #210 - Nick Reed (ILB / Oregon) - now we're just getting into depth and special teams players to develop into potential players on downs.

*Pick #227 - Tiquan Underwood (WR / Rutgers) - called for double teams on him and accumulated 1,000 yards along with teammate and 1st round potential draftee Kenny Britt in the same season, one of only 26 tandems in college history to do so.  Also averaged 27.1 yards per kickoff return in his career.  I have thoroughly read his scouting report and I am still puzzled why they do not have him higher on the draft boards, at least round 5 or 6.


Question to myself and anyone reading this: Will the cowboys draft 11 players in the draft?  Hell no, and that is a fact so of course this is very inaccurate but I think is a very reasonable mock draft for our cowboys if they did use all 11 picks.  There are many more CBs up for consideration than I listed but we really just need a couple of them for depth.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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