Dallas Cowboys Draft Board - Take Two

After seeing the players that were invited to the camp, i have created a new mock draft on that, as commonly many of the picks come out of that crop.  However, not everyone I have here were necessarily invited to Valley Ranch.  I only have one Corner as a primary pick but this again is just a mock and I placed alternatives just in case we have enough of the position at which I have listed the primary (i.e. it wouldn't make much sense to draft 11 WR, even though it ends up they are the best player available at our turn).  So don't be alarmed at anything,  I feel i have done a great job at providing alternatives for each pick and that I have addressed every possible need we may have on the roster. 

I am not sold, nor will I be until it happens, that we take an O-lineman with the first pick.  1st day picks need to make immediate contributions and have playing time, and I'm sorry but an O-lineman won't do that this year, not guaranteed anyway.  WR or Safety are the only ones that I can see doing this, but we do need to take the best player available, no doubt.  Flozell and all of our O-lineman are good to be starters and no one will take that job from them this year, but they do need some depth to back them up, but only Tackle really as Holland did very well until the injury bug bit him too and then Proctor came back and screwed everything up.  A great example of this was the second game against the giants where they got the safety and he didn't even move.  Flo didn't either but he can't just go on sound because he is partially deaf in his right ear.  The O-line is getting old though and we need to start grooming, but grooming is all that is needed for now.  No one will TAKE the spots from the guys that currently stand there.  Anyway, on to my second mock.

******2nd Round******

Pick #51 - *Brian Robiskie (WR / Ohio State) - Previously, I had us going with a Safety here but now I have us going after Brian Robiskie.  You may think that I am crazy because he won't fall to #51, and he won't.  What do we have 11 draft picks for?  He wouldn't have been invited had he not been seen as a possible draft choice, otherwise we would have invited guys like Darrius Heyward-Bay and Hakeem Nicks, which we didn't.  There isn't too much more to say about this guy than the fact that his father is a WR Coach for the Atlanta Falcons.  That means he has had professional coaching all his life and in all regards is probably the WR with the best work ethic and potential in the draft.  I have seen his interviews and has a great deal of humility which is awesome in the locker room and off the field.  Also did very well in the classroom, which can translate to football smarts as he knows how to study and apply what he has learned.  He also has a great work ethic.  He and Michael Crabtree are said to be the most NFL-ready receivers in the draft.  This guy is definately worth a trade up.  If Miles Austin doesn't pan out, then this guy definitely should.  Alternate choices are *Larry English (OLB / Northern Illinois), *Sean Smith (CB / Utah), William Moore (S / Missouri), Louis Delmas (S / Western Michigan), Patrick Chung (S / Oregon) or Ron Brace (DT / Boston College)

******3rd Round******

Pick #69 - Rashad Johnson (S / Alabama) - A Coach on the field.  Those are commonly the first words that I read or hear when someone mentions this guy.  I don't necessarily think our team is lacking leadership, but the best leadership is to lead by example, and this guy does it.  He is a ball hawk.  Many players that have that included in their profile are commonly referred to as interceptors, which he is, but also knows how to make plays on the ground.  A great overall player who leads by example, the best way to be a leader, and you can never have too many of those.  Also with 11 picks over his final 2 seasons as a starter, with a tendency to return them for touchdowns.  Definately a must for our backfield, especially with Sensabaugh only on a 1 year contract as of now.  Alternate picks are Alphonso Smith (CB / Wake Forest), Derrick Williams (WR / Penn State) or *Mike Thomas (WR / Arizona)

******4th Round******

Pick #101 - *Ramses Barden (WR / Cal Poly) - here is where we make a move to improve our the depth at the wideout position.  This guy is 6'6" with a 10" hand span and the longest arms in the draft and runs a very impressive for his size 4.51 40-yard dash.  He is also a great run blocker which will greatly help our running game and yeah, he may not be the "speed reciever" we need so much, but think about it.  Any guy that can keep up with him won't be able to get up as high as him.  This guy is going to be a golden pick and I am sure will develop into a great asset for our boys for years to come.  We may be able ot get him later so you may see Jerry in a trade with someone to get a deal and settle for a pick a little later in this round.  Alternate Choices are Stephen McGee (QB / Texas A&M), Dorell Scott (DT / Clemson), Troy Kropog (OT / Tulane) or Jasper Brinkly (ILB / South Carolina)

Pick #117 -  *Brandon Tate (WR / North Carolina) - What?  Drafting 3 recievers?  I must be crazy.  We won't get both Barden and Robiskie, so this guy I actually project as the second of the receivers.  He won't necessarily play as receiver to start off though.  He will be a special teams guy, because he is a special player with the ball in his hands.  He was mere yards away from breaking NCAA records for return yards when he was injured with still 7 GAMES LEFT IN HIS CAREER.  Was that against NFL Talent? No, but an NFL returner should be able to get pretty close to that facing college teams.  He was also supposedly projected as the 1st round draft choice instead of Hakeem Nicks, until the injury happened and his stock continues to slide because of the lingering injury and that he hasn't been able to be worked out by teams.  However, he did manage to make a visit to Valley Ranch recently, so now we definitely have eyes on him.  Miles Austin and Patrick Crayton need someone to take the special teams worries away from them so they can concentrate on offense, and this is the perfect guy to do it.  Alternate choices are Brandon Hughes (CB / Oregon State), Trevor Canfield (OG / Cincinatti), DeAngelo Smith (CB / Cincinatti), Victor Harris (CB / Virginia Tech), or T.J. Lang (OG / Eastern Michigan)

******5th Round******

Pick #156 - Lardarius Webb (CB / Nicholls State) - He is a very tough player and his ball skills along with that toughness have earned him a lot of notice.  He has showcased his diversity in talents as he was the first NCAA player in history to earn the Offensive, Defensive and Special Teams player of the week awards for his Conference in his junior year.  This speaks wonders about him and he also is one of the better return prospects in this draft with 425 PR yards and 1,060 KR yards in his two years playing for Nicholls State after transferring there from Southern Miss.  Also in his two years at Nicholls State he had 7 INTs and 15 PBUs.  Alternate Choices are Nate Davis (QB / Ball State) or Johnny Knox (WR / Abilene Christian)

Pick #166 - Tony Fiametta (FB / Syracuse) - Deon Anderson is a little small and is listed as more of a running back.  Fiametta is not a ball carrier FB, but I don't see us handing the ball off to the FB much.  He does know how to clear a hole though as he has great explosion demonstrated by his 34" vertical and his 30 reps at 225 lbs in the bench press.  Alternate choices are Mike Wallace (WR / Ole Miss) or Michael Bennet (DE / Texas A&M)

Pick #172 - Chris Baker (DT / Hampton) - Another big guy that can clog up a hole in the middle and possibly command a double team.  Exactly what we need in an NT.  However in late round selections, a player will need lots of coaching and development.  Who better to learn behind than recent pro-bowler Jay Ratliff, who is by far the best NT at his size in a 3-4 defense.  Just imagine a bigger guy with his skills to allow Jay to move over to end and play alongside.  That would be some trouble for defenses.  Alternate choice is Aaron Kelly (WR / Clemson) or Quan Cosby (WR / Texas)

******6th Round******

Pick #197 - Roger Allen (OG / Missouri Western State) - lets get some depth going on the O-Line and people we can groom.  Was the Mid-America Intercollegiate Association Freshman of the Year, the first O-lineman ever to earn the award.  Definately sounds like he has some potential and may be able to step in if needed.  Alternate choice is Lydon Murtha (OT / Nebraska)

Pick #208 - Joe Burnett (CB / Central Florida) - He might not have speed but has proven to be a great asset on special teams.  Potentially could be our big special teams guy for returning punts and kicks (3 punt and 2 kickoff returns for touchdowns in career).  Also a ball hawk with 16 career interceptions.  We also desperately need depth at this position.  Alternate choice is Brooks Foster (WR / North Carolina)

******7th Round******

Pick #210 - *Nick Reed (ILB / Oregon) - Now we're just getting into depth and special teams players to develop into potential players on downs.  We don't have much depth behind Demarcus Ware and this guy still has those pass rush skills that may be able to fill in if "heavan forbid" Ware is sidelined.  He played DE in College so I think he could fill in here although projected as an ILB.  Has been called "too small/short" to play in the NFL as an ILB at around 6' and 245 lbs.  However, you would do well to remember another player of a similar build who set collegiate records with 52 career sacks.  His name is Tedy Bruschi.  Nick Reed can play, but for his size, teams may pass on him until here, but could go earlier.  I'm not ready to give up just yet on Bobby Carpenter, but we need to give the guy some time on the field.  If he does turn out to be a bust, then this is a great candidate to step up where he couldn't.

Pick #227 - Tiquan Underwood (WR / Rutgers) - called for double teams on him and accumulated 1,000 yards along with teammate and 1st round potential draftee Kenny Britt in the same season, one of only 26 tandems in college history to do so.  Also averaged 27.1 yards per kickoff return (11 attempts) in 2004 but then only 18.7 per return (18 attempts) in 2008.  I have thoroughly read his scouting report and I am still puzzled why they do not have him higher on the draft boards, at least round 5 or 6.

*Most likely would need to trade up to aquire

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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