My 7 Round Mock Draft

I represented the Cowboys in a mock draft on another website.  This was a pick-by-pick, 7 round, 256 pick mock draft with fan from each team representing their squad in the draft.  I think for the most part it went down like I see the actual draft going.  The only difference is there were no trades allowed during the draft.  All trades must be made prior to the draft and Dallas did pull off one trade:

I received Cleveland's pick #101 for my #117, 156 and 227.  Pick #227 isnt worth much at the end of the 7th round, so I basically gave up a late 5th rounder to move from the middle of the 4th round to the top of the 4th.

Here's the results:

Pick #51 OG Duke Robinson, Oklahoma.  I love this pick.  I've seen this guy play a ton of times and I think he will be a Pro Bowler at the next level.  Some have questioned his work ethic and ability to keep his weight in check, but I think a strong NFL program can harness his abilities.  At 6-5, 330 lbs this kid is a mauler.

I wasnt targeting anyone at this position and wanted to take the best football player available.  I considered every position with the exception of RB and TE where I think Dallas is set.

Who was there?  SS William Moore, NT Ron Brace, DE Alex Magee, SS Patrick Chung, FS Rashad Johnson.

Who wasnt?  C Alex Mack, CB Sean Smith, OLB Larry English, OT Jamon Meredith, CB Victor Harris, OT Phil Loadholt, SS Louis Delmas, WR Brian Robiskie.

Pick #69 FS Rashad Johnson, Alabama.  Seems like a solid contributor like a Ken Hamlin.  Probably wont ever be a superstar, but should be able to hold down a starting Safety job in the NFL for 5+ years.

After taking what I consider a luxury pick in Round 2, I wanted to zero-in on a position of need.  If trades were allowed I probably would have looked into trading up to try and get NT Ron Brace.  After he was picked at #60 I really wanted Patrick Chung.  Looked like it would happen and then Seattle took him at #68.

Who was there?   NT Dorrell Scott, CB Sherrod Martin, ILB Jasper Brinkley, CB Mike Mickens.

Who wasnt?   Brace, Chung, Moore, Magee.

Pick #101 ILB Jasper Brinkley South Carolina.  Hits like a freight train and perfect fit for ILB in a 3-4.  He's shooting up draft boards.  I've seen many mocks projecting him as a 5th or 6th rounder, but he will never last that long.

Pick #104 CB Coye Francies San Jose State.  Good height, speed and is physical.  Has experience in the return game as well.  Negatives are only two years of college experience as he was kicked off the Oregon St team and transferred to San Jose St.

I was hoping to find my Defensive Lineman with one of these two picks.  It didnt happen as Defensive Tackles and Ends kept flying off the board earlier than I thought they should.

Who was there?   ILB Darry Beckwith, OLB David Veikune, WR Jarrett Dillard, QB Rhett Bomar, OLB Tyronne McKenzie, DE Vance Walker, CB Kevin Barnes.

Who wasnt?   Martin, WR Derrick Williams, NT Chris Baker, FS Darcel McBath.

Pick #166 ILB Jason Phillips TCU.  I didnt intend to pick two ILBs, but he was the best player available, IMO.  I see him as a solid NFL back-up for 10 years.  Can play some special teams and fill-in for injured LBs.

Pick #172 WR Brooks Foster North Carolina.  Played in the shadow of first rounder Hakeen Nicks and early rounder Brandon Tate.  Foster is a bit raw, but great size and speed and a great athlete (played some basketball for the Tar Heels.)  Could be a great return man too.

Who was there?   CB LaDarius Webb, FS Chris Clemons, OT Alex Boone.

Who wasnt?  WR Brandon Tate, NT Terrence Taylor, QB Stephen McGee, OT Joel Bell, WR Austin Collie, WR Quan Cosby, CB Joe Burnett, WR Johhny Knox.

Pick #197 CB Captain Munnerlyn South Carolina.  Besides having a cool name, he has some game too.  Great speed and plays tough.  Good return man as well.  The downside is his size at 5'8, but could be a solid special teamer and nickle/dimeback.

Pick #208 CB Greg Toler St Paul's.  Not much known about this guy as no one has ever been drafted into the NFL from this school.  However, some scouts/websites are very high on him.  One had him in the Top 100 players in the darft.  Others don't even have him listed.  He's visited at least 17 NFL teams, so they know him.  With 4.35 speed, look for him to go much higher in the actual draft.

Pick #210 G/T Robert Brewster Ball State.  Good size at 6-4, 325 lbs.  Played all 4 years in college and never missed a game.  Should provide depth at Guard and Tackle.

Who was there?   QBs Curtis Painter, Nate Davis, Tom Brandstater and Graham Harrell.  WR Kevin Ogletree, CB Brandon Hughes, S Derek Pegues.

Who wasnt?  OG Louis Vazquez, NT Terrence Knighton, OG Roger Allen.


Overall I was pleased with the results.  No one really 'fell' too far into my hands with the possible exception of Duke in the 2nd.  I also really liked the value in Jason Phillips at the end of the 5th round.  I ended up doubling up at ILB and picked 3 CBs.  Those were not intentional, but I felt were the best value as opposed to reaching for a D Lineman or OLB a half a round early.  I did not get a chance to address either of those positions as I never felt the available players matched the value of the pick.  That strategy (staying with your board and not reaching, even if it means multiple picks at the same position) seemed to work well for Dallas last year (Felix/Choice and Jenkins/Scandrick.)  I wished I had picked up two WRs in the middle rounds, but that didnt work either.  In retrospect I might have been better served taking Jarrett Dillard (or OLB Tyronne McKenzie or DE Vance Walker) at pick #104 over CB Coye Francies knowing other CBs would be available later.  Finally, I did not address a 3rd QB.  The QBs fell hard and far in this draft and with so many developmental guys falling I kept choosing to hold off selecting one.  I strongly considered Painter or Brandstater at the top of the 7th round, but took the O Lineman instead.  I would hope one of these guys went undrafted and would make it a priority to sign one as a free agent.

So, that's it.  How did I do?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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