Final Mock

I know you guys are just dying for this draft like I am. It's a little different 'cause of the lack of the 1st rounder. Also, we pretty much have all our starters set. What we need, and what we're primed to do with 11 picks, is add needed depth throughout the defense and offense. We're light at almost every position except RB. I don't know about the rest of you but OT is starting to scare me and although this is a deeper OT draft than usual, it's not really deep all the way through #51. So here's my last mock before the draft.

#51--OG Duke Robinson--The best OG in this draft. Surprising that he's even considered to fall this far. The rumor mongers are out about his work ethic and drive. If he falls this far, which now looks like it might happen, then I think Dallas has to snap him up. No perfect prospects at #51 anyway.

#69--SS Chip Vaughn--Size and speed. Excellent SS type. Gives us a great in the box safety. I would love to go with someone with better coverage skills but he'd be the best guy available right at this spot. Plus, although he may not get a lot of INT's, he still gets his hands on a fair share of balls. 20 PBU's the last 2 years isn't bad.

#101--ILB Scott McKillop--Good size and awareness for an ILB. Made a lot of plays in the backfield at Pitt. Wouldn't call him great at coverage but he gets his hands on his share of balls. 11 PBU's and 3 INT's the last 2 years. Would fit into our D perfectly IMO. Would at the very least give you what Carpenter could give you and it would only cost you a 4th rounder.

#117--OT Sebastian Vollmer--Great measurables. Strong and good short area speed. Little bit of a project. Visited with the Cowboys. Hate to not address OT till the 4th round but what are you going to do when your first pick is #51??

#156--NT/DT Chris Baker--Good size. Played DE in Hampton's 3-4 D but would make a great fit at NT in our rotation with Rat. His scouting report says he's not really a great pass rusher but that's not what we're asking a 3-4 NT to do anyway. Although his stats would seem to belie that. 24.5 TFL's and 13 sacks the last two seasons.

#166--CB Brandon Underwood--Good size and decent speed. Not a burner but has good instincts and range. Might end up being a better FS than a CB but adds depth to our secondary.

#172--OC/OG A.Q. Shipley--Not sure if he falls this far or not. It'll be a stretch. Just okay size but blocked for a very good running team in Penn St. Strong and smart. Between him and Robinson we could purge a couple of the other scrubs on the team.

#197--WR Brooks Foster--Good speed but is more explosive than just fast. Explodes off the LOS. Strongest WR in this draft. The only thing he doesn't have is KR or PR skills.

#208--DE/OLB/ILB Nick Reed--Not sure what his best position is but his production was undeniable. 42.5 TFL's and 25 sacks the last 2 years. I see him projected to ILB at the next level but I have to believe that he might make a good OLB with those pass rush skills. Just a good football player.

#210--QB Mike Reilly--Small school prospect. Accurate though and productive. Never had a year under b accuracy. Good developmental prospect.

#227--SS Reshard Langford--SS type. We do need depth. Has good size and average speed. Hard hitter and a leader. Consistent.

Honestly I don't really thing we're going to be making all these picks. Wheeler Jerry's going to move a few. Either to move up in some rounds or to parlay them into higher picks next year. Still, we really, really need a fresh infusion of blood here. Our depth is really weak. All these draft picks give us a chance to fix that.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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