Some Thoughts on the Draft...

First, I think we have a very smart man in control of this team, and it's not Jerry Jones. Stephen Jones has his dad's ear so much, that Jerry's actually starting to make sense. Stephen, from what I've read, is a football man thru and thru. And learned from Jimmy and Parcells, just soaked it up. I'm glad he's here.

Secondly, I love the fact that we have a clear cut plan. To be able to come in these last 2 years basically drafting the BPA, is attributed to the fact that we know who we are keeping and who we think is expendable. Then going out and getting more than adequate replacements, so there are no pressing needs.

Third, The fact that we are looking for "football players", straight ballers. Give me the guys who enjoy kicking butt out there, the guys that love the game and play the right way all day.

Lastly, I think that we are not going to stay packed and that we will move up, within good reason, to take guys that have fallen that are very high on our board and of course no WR's early. :

Here's my mock draft.  Complete with a couple of trade ups for players, I think we're either targeting (Delmas) or can't believe is still there and won't make it to our next pick (Caldwell).

2nd rd (mid 40's) send 51st and 117th picks and get back a mid 40's spot
Louis Delmas FS Western Michigan 6' 202 -- can definitely contribute right away if not start. Best all around safety in draft

3rd rd (69)
James Casey TE/FB Rice 6'4 245 -- He's going to push Cricket for his spot and be a special teamer, plus he can compete for the Wildcat QB

3rd rd (low 90's) send 156th and 210th, and next year's 4th for this pick
Antoine Caldwell OG/C Alabama 6'3 310 -- After Mack, Wood, and Unger, he's the best of the rest. And I think he seriously gives Proctor a run for his money. He's a Hudson Houck type OL

4th rd (101)
Jason Williams LB Western Illnois 6'1 241 -- our niche LB, He can come in and be placed anywhere outside or inside. I really would like to him be our new and improved Burnett

5th rd (166)
Jason Phillips LB TCU 6'1 240 -- he's just a baller, eventual replacement for Brookings, I think the injury issue drops him here

5th rd (172)
Roy Miller DT Texas 6'1 310 -- perfect fit into DL rotation, he's a Ratliff clone.

6th rd (197)
Brice McCain CB Utah 5'9 186 -- here's our punt returner, he's a good man to man cover corner too. Great speed

6th rd (208)
Henry Melton OLB Texas 6'4 270 -- former RB, played DE at college, will be OLB with us, good athlete, can contribute on ST, and goal line/short yardage situations


No QB's and no WR's?..

I think guys like Graham Harrell and Rudy Carpenter will be available as UDFA's. The team is really trying to take a look at these young guys at WR and there will be some pretty good developmental type WR's left as UDFA's. Byrd, from LSU, should definitely still be there. We always seem to come up with a QB that is switchinig to WR from somewhere.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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