Rookie Mini-Camp Invites

Well, the draft is over and I don't know about all of you guys out there but I am pleased with the picks.  There are quite a few guys that I would have liked to see on the team but some of them I knew deep down wouldn't be.  For example, I would have loved to see Ramses Barden as a Cowboy but I knew the Giants would be stubborn about letting Plax go and wanting another tall receiver like him out there.  I called it as soon as I saw the Giants trade up with the Eagles.  Brandon Tate was also another guy I was hoping for as a return specialist.  Some other guys didn't quite make it to the undrafted free agent pool that I was hoping for like Tiquan Underwood and Marko Mitchell, who could possibly develop into great players.

Enough of living in the past though.  I am very pleased with our picks.  Although we were rated 8th in the league in defense after last season, it was our defense and special teams that really buckled in the tight spots, so that is what we needed to upgrade.  We needed to prevent games like St. Louis, Baltimore, Pittsburg and Arizona repeating next year.  I feel in the end that it wasn't our offense that failed us in those games but the defense and special teams that either played horribly entirely or played great and then just gave up at the end.

Again, I love the picks that we made but there are still some guys that I would like to see invited to the Rookie Mini-Camp.  I stuck to receivers but I know there are other guys like some linemen we should probably take a look at and maybe a large NT if one is still out there.

WR Kevin Ogletree - has him clocked at a 4.36 40-yard dash time.  People have been talking around here about wanting more speed in the receiving corps so this guy deserves a look.

WR Jaison Williams - I had been so stuck on Ramses Barden that I overlooked this guy.  He is 6' 4", 237 lbs and a slightly better vertical than Barden at 35 1/2".  He also runs a 4.72 40-yard.  Barden had a lot of production so he went higher.  Barden was shopped with a 4.51 40-yard which he ran in his pro-days but you would do well to remember that he clocked at a 4.68 in the combine.  Essentially this guy could be a very productive player if coached correctly.

WR Greg Carr - I couldn't find numbers on this guy which was odd (not even a 40 time) but he is 6' 6", 216 lbs, and had a 17 yard average and 28 touchdowns to show he can be a factor.  Inconsistent QB play at Florida State was a big issue for his lack of production.

WR Aaron Kelly - 6' 5", 206 lbs, 11 bench reps, 4.53 40-yard, 38 inch Vertical.  These are all red or green flags to me.  Red flags would be the 206 lbs and 11 bench reps.  A guy this tall need to be a little stronger and have more size to him I think.  Green flags go everywhere else.  Especially on his 40-time (great for someone his size but for his size and weight, that might be just what it should be), and even more so on his vertical.  I don't know of too many guys at 6' 5" with a 38 inche vertical.  Essentially this guy can probably reach around 12 feet into the air.  Again though, the lack of mass on this guy could be a contributing factor to this.

WR Quan Cosby - I think many were surprised that he went undrafted.  With that he'll be invited somewhere, so why not close to his roots right here in Dallas.  He isn't flashy by any means and definately needs to build some speed faster than a 4.59 at only 5' 9" of height.  He definately produced on the field and was an all-purpose threat out there for the Texans though.  His age may have concerned many as he is 26 years old.

Besides these guys, the rest just need a lot of work in certain areas.  Most of them are just small and can't run (guys at like 5' 10" that run a 4.75 or so).  I would say at most 2 of these guys should be invited to participate in our Rookie mini-camps beginning on May 1.

Here are some NT prospects still available (don't forget that Jay Ratliff as taken in the 7th round):

DT Chris Baker - 326 lbs and 6' 2".  This guy also has a 35 1/2" vertical which is better than some WR at the same height.  There are big character issue though which are probably the reason he went undrafted but maybe deserves a look and character analysis.  Could definitely use more strenght than 25 bench press reps.

DT Khalif Mitchell - 316 lbs and 6' 5".  This guy intrigued lots of scouts with his size and athletisism.  He deserves some attention.  Pretty good at stuffing the run.  30 bench press reps isn't bad but could be improved.

DT Marlon Favorite - Nice name, 314 lbs and 6' 1".  Great locker room leadership, great motor for improvement and great physical talents.  Very good run stuffer too but not to many plays in the backfield.  Could definately use more strength than 26 bench press reps.

I think if we get any kind of offensive lineman he needs to be able to play Left Tackle and there is only one guy that I found capable of that still left and one guy that is a hybrid, and they are:

OT Augustus Parrish - He has great athleticism and has his fair share of knockdowns and touchdown resulting blocks.  The coaching staff at Kent State said that with his athleticism he has unlimited potential.  Maybe he is worth a look to see how true those words really are.

OG Dallas Reynolds - How fitting to have a guy named Dallas playing in Dallas.  This guy started 50 games in college at O-line and started at all 5 positions during that time.  He has proved that he can play any one of those and could be a great prospect to possibly groom and see where he fits best if he were ever to become a starting calibre OL or a great asset to conserve some roster space as a back-up in case injuries happen to any one of the OL positions.

Well, those are just some of my personal picks for people we maybe should take a look at as invites to the rookie mini-camp beginning on friday.  Let me know your take and if there are any other players you would like to see that I don't have listed.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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