The Draft That Could Have Been

Okay, I know hindsight is 20/20, but after what I consider to be a pretty frustrating 2 days with Jerry and Cisky, I thought I might pose a 'What Could Have Been' scenario, based on who was available to us in each of the spots that we eventually picked at. I won't even make a stab at what we could have done at #51, I'll start at #69 and work down...


Jason Williams - LB

Who we chose from; after missing on Unger earlier, it was him or Michael Johnson. I took the guy with the better motor. I don't love the pick, but it is what it is.


Brandon Tate - WR

Who we chose from; Tate, Antoine Caldwell, Ramses Barden, LaDarius Webb and Rashad Johnson and the guy we took, Brewster.

There was good talent here and I could have been swayed towards the Safety Johnson, but I think Tate will be a #1 WR in this league when he fully recovers from injury.


TJ Lang - OL

Who we chose from; Lang, Jonathan Luigs, Donald Washington and Dorell Scott. We took McGee, the QB with the torn up shoulder and not a lot of film from a lost Senior campaign.

Hard to argue with Lang's toughness and the fact that we need a lot of help behind the starting OT's.


Vaughn Martin - NT

Who we chose from; Martin, Sammie Lee Hill, Chip Vaughn. We took...Victor Butler.

Okay, this one is tough because Sammie Lee is right there with Martin and Martin is more of a project, but we are more thin at NT than DE, which seems like Sammie Lee's more natural spot. I wouldn't have cared either way. The Butler pick is just jaw-droppingly inept, IMO.


Lawrence Sidbury - LB/DE

Who we chose from; Sidbury, Greg Toler , Terrance Taylor, Brandon Williams who we took and Troy (say it with me now, "Go Pork") Kropog.

I went with Sidbury because of his pass rush skills and some unnerving comments from Carl Shelton about Anthony Spencer. Williams was another head scratcher for me.


Scott McKillop - LB

Who we chose from; McKillop, Jasper Brinkley, Marcus Freeman, Duke Robinson, Jamon Meredith, Victor "macho" Harris and our guy, DeAngelo Smith.

Obviously, Dallas wanted to restock its LB corps, so I am playing along here, but I'm also playing to the need for tougher, harder working guys in the locker room and on the practice field.


Michael Hamlin - S

Who we chose from; Hamlin, Herman Johnson, Joe Burnett and Nate Davis.

This was the right pick given the need, the slot and the players available.


Andrew Gardner - OT

Who we chose from; Gardner, Morgan Trent, Tom Brandstater, Coye Francies and the guy we took, David Buehler...the kicker. Gardner has areas for improvement, but have you seen our depth at OT? Nuff' said.


Ra'Shon Harris - DT

Who we chose from; Harris, Myron Pryor, Curtis Painter and our guy, Stephen Hodge.

Harris went to Pittsburgh and will likely play some DE in their 3-4. He could have done the same for us after Spears' impending departure. Hodge?


Captain Munnerlyn - CB

Who we chose from; Munnerlyn, A.Q. Shipley, Paul Fanaika, and...John Phillips, the guy we picked.

We lost Pacrat and Henry. Time to find better backups for our starting trio. Munnerlyn is short and quick like Scandrick.


Mike Mickens - CB

Who we chose from; Mickens, Trevor Canfield, Courtney Greene.

Best pick of our 12, IMO. Might even be a steal.


Nick Reed - LB/DE

Who we chose from; Reed, Sammie Stroughter, Zack Follett, Tiquan Underwood, Chris Baker (sorry Quincyyy) and, oh yeah, Manuel Johnson, our pick.

This seems like another no-brainer for me because he brings fire and intensity that Dallas needs so dearly. Also, he is another LB with some versatility for Wade's 46 schemes.

As if that wasn't enough, Mike Reilly, my favorite QB from the Combine and one who reminds me of Romo a lot, was available as an Undrafted Free Agent, so that could have satisfied our need for a #3 to groom.

In the scenario above, we would have ended up with;


Brandon Tate

TJ Lang

Vaughn Martin

Lawrence Sidbury

Scott McKillop


Andrew Gardner

Ra' Shon Harris

Captain Munerlyn


Nick Reed

They were all there for the taking, but Jerry thought different. I know we didn't take a kicker, but there were some kickoff-specialist guys who didn't get drafted and could have been signed after the draft. So, that's one version of 'What Could Have Been'.





Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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