Jumping the Gun on the final 53

I've given up on trying to make sense of the Cowboys draft--gotta just trust and follow along obediently at this point.  Good thing I'm religious!  Anyway, with nothing better to do, I'm going to put the "counting your chickens before they hatch" thing to the test.

So, here's my extremely-early-and-based-entirely-on-presumption attempt to figure out what the Cowboys opening day roster is going to look like.  By my count, I have 34 "locks" - guys that look like the sure things to make the roster, barring injury or apocalypse.  You know their names, so I don't need to write it out for you.  There are 26 other guys with a realistic chance to make the team.  That makes for 60 guys jockeying for 53 spots. 

That means 7 cuts will be made from the following list of camp "battles" (almost exclusively for backup spots):

O-line (keep 4-5) - C - Cory Procter, G - Montrae Holland, Kyle Kosier, OT - Doug Free, Pat McQuistan, Robert Brewster

TE (keep 1) - Rodney Hannah, John Phillips

WR (keep 2-3) - Isaiah Stanback, Sam Hurd, Travis Wilson, Manuel Johnson

CB (keep 2) - Alan Ball, Mike Mickens

S (keep 1) - Pat Watkins, Courtney Brown, Stephen Hodge

DE (keep 0-1) - Marcus Dixon

DT (keep 1) - Junior Siavii,

LB (keep 4) - Greg Ellis, Bobby Carpenter, Brandon Williams, Jason Williams, Victor Butler

K (keep 2) - Nick Folk, David Buehler

 My crystal ball says these are the unlucky 7 (actually 8, giving one of them a shot at sticking around, or for another vet backup signing at DE or CB):

1 LB - Carpenter

1 TE - Hannah

1 DL - Dixon

2 WR - Wilson, Johnson

2 S - Watkins, Brown

1 OL - McQuistan

If the new draftees prove dynamite at LB, Ellis (and maybe even Brooking) are in danger.  And the smart money says Kosier wins the LG spot back, but if Holland surprises there might not be a need for Kosier anymore, either.  And the way the roster breaks down, there's plenty of space for 2 kickers, but what do you do if Buehler has a perfect camp and a desperate team comes offering a bonanza for Folk?

So here's the final roster:

QB - Tony Romo, Jon Kitna, Stephen McGee

FB - Deon Anderson

RB - Marion Barber, Felix Jones, Tashard Choice,

TE - Jason Witten , Martellus Bennett, John Phillips

WR - Roy Williams, Miles Austin, Patrick Crayton, Isaiah Stanback, Sam Hurd

 C - Andre Gurode, Cory Procter

G - Leonard Davis, Montrae Holland, Kyle Kosier

OT - Flozell Adams, Marc Colombo, Doug Free, Robert Brewster

DE - Igor Olshansky, Marcus Spears, Jason Hatcher, Stephen Bowen

DT - Jay Ratliff, Junior Siavii

LB - DeMarcus Ware, Bradie James, Anthony Spencer, Keith Brooking, Greg Ellis, Brandon Williams, Jason Williams, Victor Butler

CB - Terence Newman, Orlando Scandrick , Mike Jenkins, Alan Ball, Mike Mickens

S - Ken Hamlin, Gerald Sensabaugh, Michael Hamlin, Stephen Hodge, DeAngelo Smith

K - Nick Folk

KO - David Buehler

LS - L.P. Ladouceur

P - Mat McBriar

 So that's 52 spots, leaving space for a surprise somewhere.  My bet is that another veteran backup will be added somewhere along the line at CB or DE.

Alright, I've had my fun - Sept can't get here soon enough!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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