Quarterback Stephen McGee.

I just listened to the QB Stephen McGee interview on and that guy sounds pissed! In a good way though. Sounds like he's got a pretty big chip on his shoulder and he believes he will be the future starter. He really sounded like a serious, no-nonsense hard worker type who has set his sights on winning the QB spot one day.

Scouting comments; “Legitimate NFL frame. Good toughness. Has absorbed a lot of hits throughout his career and is willing to play through pain. Legitimate arm strength. Good zip on his passes, especially on short and intermediate routes. Flashes the arm strength and trajectory for deep passes with touch over the top.”


That is the necessities (good size, tough, good arm) all ticked.


Scouting comments; “Good athlete who can buy time in the pocket and also make plays as a runner in the open field. Good agility and strength for the position as a runner.”


That is some solid bonus skills there.


Scouting comment; “Excellent intangibles. Natural leader who was voted permanent team captain”.


I know it's shallow to make judgments after a single ten minute interview but after hearing it I can see how that statement would apply. Sounded very unlike Tony Romo and much more like Troy Aikman. He seriously sounded a little Aikmanesque in that sense of “if you want to f##k around, get off the damn field” type of attitude but not in a forced way or over the top way, as the report says, it sounded very natural. As in, he's not trying to be a no-nonsense leader type, he just is one. I'm not trying to criticize Romo here because I think he's a very good player just pointing out how differently McGee sounded than Romo has when asked about football (I know it's only one interview but that's all I've got so dammit I'm running with it :)


Of course there's the negative too;


“Raw as they come. More of a thrower than a passer at this point. Inconsistent footwork and delivery. Inconsistent accuracy, mostly due to flawed technique. Still acclimating to reading a defense from a passer standpoint. Lacks patience in the pocket and will either run or force passes too often, rather than check down.”


So he's definitely still years away from mounting any real challenge for the starting job, especially with a very good QB in front of him, but perhaps 2011 – 2012 might see an emerging McGee pushing Romo for the top spot or even landing us a solid Draft pick for his services if Romo continues ascending out of McGee's reach.


Either way this looks like it could be a great pickup.



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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