Cowboys Grab Some Grabowski's

I used to live in the Chicago area during the Mike Ditka coaching era -  circa 1985 -the year the Bears had the most intimidating defense I've ever seen. He referred to that team as Grabowskis. He also said they were ‘lunch-pail' guys.

These Ditka-isms meant that his players weren't flashy, they were hard working guys who came to work with a lunch box, got dirty, worked hard and got the job done. A Grabowski is a guy who isn't afraid to spit or grab himself or cuss out another player who isn't putting out.

Here's a classic Ditka-ism -

"I don't think we come in favor with some people. There are some teams that are fair-haired and some that aren't. There are some teams named Smith and some named Grabowski. We're Grabowskis. The Rams are a Smith team."

Think about those players who were recently allowed to leave the Cowboys compared to the players who have been recently asked to join. We lost some Smiths and added some Grabowskis.

The free agents that have been signed? - Grabowskis. The players in the draft?- Grabowskis. Hard working, get down in the trenches, get dirt on your face, take no crap Grabowskis.

Marion the Barbarian is a Grabowski. Jay Ratliff is a Grabowski. Tashard Choice and Orlando Scandrick are Grabowskis.

We've all seen people like this throughout our own life - the scrappy guy or girl who has some talent but wins through effort and persistence. Doesn't it seem like the neon lights at Valley Ranch have been stored away and the shop lights with the little metal hooks have replaced them?

Remember when Deion made his famous ‘business decision' and sidestepped a tackle? Now, I would love to have another guy with Deion's talent; and guys with special talent like that you can sometimes forgive, so I kind of understood his ‘business decision'. I didn't like it but I understood it.

Give me a Grabowski instead of a 'businessman'. All things considered I'm happy to have a guy who feels his ‘business decision' is to take that runner out. A guy who may not frighten defensive coordinators with his speed but who will give alligator-arms to receivers because they know he always makes them pay for coming his way.

That's what Grabowskis do. They don't finesse you or impress you. They beat on you. Grabowski isn't a name, it's an attitude. I'm anxious to see this new attitude in the silver and blue.

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