Five Major Factors For Our Dallas Cowboys

Hey I don't really do fanposts too much, but I decided to do something on the five things that will have an impact on the 2009 Dallas Cowboys season.  I didn't want to venture into WR's or Lockerroom issues, because alot of that will be affected by these five things.

Jason Garrett

Will we see the one who utilized an offense that lit the scoreboard in 2007, or the one that became predictable and stale by year’s end?  My guess… somewhere in the middle.

While there seems to be a growing sense that Garrett had somehow devolved into a high school coach overnight and are eager to cast away the 2007 golden child, I’m not so sure.  First of all, maybe I’m too optimistic and think that this might just have been a huge sophomore slump.  If he was so bad, why is it that he was still being interviewed for head coaching jobs?  Was his entire 2007 just a product of Tony Sparano, and if that is the case then what was holding the offense back in 2006?  Bill Parcells? 

Tony Romo



Just an average QB?

Statistically, besides some of the boneheaded turnovers, I think Romo is probably one of the better QB’s in the league.  He has won more games than he has lost and there isn’t ever a time in a close game that I feel like he can’t pull off a win.

Some people will be critical and say, “Well he hasn’t won a big game.”  True?  Eh. Not Really.  No playoff game, but it seems like every game at one point is the “this is a game Tony Romo has to win” and then he wins it and everybody just seems to forget about it.  I think this might be a career defining season for Tony Romo.  This will be the third complete season that Romo will be starting and I think fair or not, he needs to take over the reins and take control of this team.

Special Teams

Caught up in all the craziness that is TO and the billion dollar stadium, is the fact that as fans we once again saw some of the most God awful special teams in the history of football.  The good thing is… can’t get that much worse.  Kickoff coverage has cost or attributed to some of the untimely losses for Dallas the past couple of years which include the game against New York in the playoffs. 

My hope for kick off coverage?  I hope we aren’t talking about kickoff coverage at all next year. 

Consistency of Defense

Now some of the posters on here would act like Dallas’s defense was swiss cheese, but that isn’t exactly true.  The defense had stretches where they were very good and even times when they were great.  Unfortunately  those stretches would be forgotten because of 70 yard TD runs and a bomb to Santonio Holmes.

I don’t pay a lot of attention to the scoring defense, because a lot of those points came off of the defense being put in a bad position because of the offense OR special teams.

I don’t expect a shutout every game, but would like to see Dallas’s defense play like they did against the Giants, Tampa Bay, and 3 and a ½ quarters at Pittsburg.  


Being penalized is bad, but what Dallas had in 2008 was horrible.

119 penalties: Worst in the NFL on offense 

952 Yards: Second worst in NFL on offense

Those false starts and holding calls add up quickly.  I’m not really sure what has to be done to fix these issues.  It seems like this has been something talked about since Bill Parcells took over. 

My hope is that Kyle Kosier or some offensive lineman that doesn’t have the last name Proctor will help cut back on the false starts and holding calls.  I think a few of the penalties were to overcompensate for his perk of being blown off the line, but I don’t think that will fix everything.

The good news is that the likeliness for a horsecollar has reduced quite a bit in the last couple of months.

I’m eager to hear the opinions of the masses.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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