Miles Austin: 4th Year Wonder or Stealing a Second Rounder?

Want to give credit to WMillion to pointing out the closest comparison that I can think of, Miles Austin to Lance Moore.


Now before I put the numbers and the comparison out there, I’d like to state that I really see both sides of the coin here.  A second round pick is very valuable and in a year that Dallas lacks a first rounder, it becomes very, very tempting.


Miles Austin has really accomplished nothing in the NFL yet.  There is every reason to be skeptical in him.  18 catches, 354 yards, and 3 TDS… not exactly mesmerizing.  So why would any of us think that he can take the next step?


My first thought when I heard that the NY Jets were going to take a look at the young wide receiver really had nothing to do with the fact that they might get him.  Instead I think that it’s an indication that Dallas isn’t the only team that is intrigued with him.  I don’t know if he’ll get an offer, but the fact that another team would even consider giving up a second round pick for a player has to make you feel a little bit good about his future.  In a time when there are a lot of resources being invested into scouting for the draft and looking over your own roster, the fact that they are taking their time to look over the fourth year receiver indicates that maybe Dallas’s brass aren’t fools.


Secondly, while it isn’t uncommon, it’s not like fourth year undrafted receivers don’t have a chance to breakout.

Wes Welker went into the fourth season with 29 career catches, 0 TDs, and 434 yards.


Lance Moore had 33 catches, 402 yards and 2 TDS, well 3 because he had one rushing TD.


For those of you who say, “Well if Miles Austin was so good, why couldn’t he get past Patrick Crayton?”


It’s not like Moore and Welker had monsters in front of them for the #2 spots.


I’m not saying that Miles Austin is going to be successful as either one of those guys, but it isn’t like it’s inconceivable.  If I were to be a huge we have to keep Austin guy, I’d say that at least he’s made some big plays, just like Welker and Moore had before they broke out.


A KO return against Seattle, a long TD grab against GB to put the game away, he’s shown sparks a lot like Welker and Moore did for their respective teams.


I guess  what tears me the most about this entire situation, is the fact that Dallas had had fast, athletic receivers before(see Randall Williams), that they haven’t put that much stock into, so what makes Miles Austin that much different?


What do you guys think?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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