The Valley Ranch Review: Michael Irvin’s Preview Party Helps the Behm Family; El Gato is Back!

In Michael Irvin's Q&A with The Sporting News quoted in the last VRR, The Playmaker acknowledged that "we will be continuing to raise money to help (Behm) and his family see through this". The Star-Telegram noted that Irvin's 4th and Long show preview party did indeed turn into a benefit for the Cowboys' scouting assistant.

Irvin presented a check for $40,000 in behalf of Playmaker Charities and Spike TV to Behm’s wife Michelle at the red carpet gala held at the Sting Ultra Lounge.


It’s a situation that touched home to Irvin, whose retirement from the NFL came after he was briefly paralyzed during a game against the Eagles in 1999. Irvin raised even more money during an open call for donations at $5,000 a pop during the night. He ended up giving Michelle Behm a final donation of more than $140,000.

"I know what it is like to lay on that carpet paralyzed," Irvin said. "I know the thoughts that came to him. How he thought about his kids, how he thought about how am I going to play with my baby. This is very important."

The Year of the Cat? Mickey Spags discussed some Felix Jones with Stephen Jones yesterday. The Cowboys executive sounded more than excited about the running back's return.

So no wonder as big a smile came over the face of executive vice president Stephen Jones when asked about Felix Jones' return this season and the impact he could make, this Jones calling that Jones possibly the most impactful single player the Cowboys have had "since I don't know when."

Tony Dorsett?

Stephen Jones also agrees of all the injuries the Cowboys suffered last year, and that included Romo's fractured finger, McBriar's fractured foot, Kyle Kosier's fractured foot and Roy Williams' twice broken arm, the loss of Felix was the most devastating to the entire team.

"Without question," Stephen Jones said.

Hopefully, offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will feature Jones more than he did last season. Now that the 2nd-year RB is healthy again, his explosive presence on the field should give a huge boost to both the offense and kick return teams.

More VRR after the jump!

The predictions for a Cowboys postseason return continue. The Sporting News has Dallas down as one of its six teams that could "crash the playoff party".

There's plenty of pressure on the Cowboys to get to the postseason. And to win a game when they get there.

Though I'm not prepared to vouch for them on the second point, they've got the talent to make good on the first one.

Even without Terrell Owens, the Cowboys can score points -- and their defense is good enough to keep their opponents from scoring more points regularly.

They just need to put it all together, and to come together as a team.

Look for that to happen, especially in the wake of the practice facility collapse of May 2.

You down to watch a little RW1 and Tank on Hard Knocks again? Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco Ochocinco will be there getting some love from the camera as HBO's Emmy Award winning series features the 2009 Cincinnati Bengals.

As for the Cowboys' Roy Williams, I'm kinda feeling what Todd Archer wrote: the wide receiver has become a target (other than just Tony Romo's) this offseason. Here's what Williams had to say about why he's been criticized so much:

"I don't know why," Williams said. "I guess I've got to go out there and prove to people that I can play this game. Just because I have a star on the side of my helmet doesn't mean I can't play football now."

Offensive lineman Robert Brewster is a highly motivated individual. His passion to succeed with the Cowboys will take him past being a single parent into honoring the memory of his girlfriend, who died just days after giving birth to the couple's now 7-month-old son. Tom Orsborn's article on Brewster provides some real insight into the life of the Cowboys' 3rd-round draft pick.

Adam Schein says "don't sleep on the Dallas Cowboys" in this video. He credits Wade Phillips for bringing in high motor, high character guys like Keith Brooking and Igor Olshansky to stabilize the defense.

A team of federal engineers came to Dallas to inspect the structural collapse from May 2nd.

The engineers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology were in Irving this week talking to city officials and Cowboys representatives, among others, agency spokeswoman Gail Porter said late Thursday.

Everyone who was interviewed "has been cooperative," Porter said. She said the engineers finished their work Wednesday.

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