The Valley Ranch Review: David Buehler Ready To Go; More Love for Felix Jones

David Buehler is ready in case Folk can't go. The new Cowboys kicker said as much to Tim MacMahon:

"You always need to keep a fluid stroke to stay ready," said Buehler, who is back at USC to finish up his degree. "The main reason I was drafted was for the kickoffs, but I've always concentrated on my field goals as well. I'll probably have to concentrate on that a little more just in case Nick doesn't make a full recovery."


"I don't want to overkick," said Buehler, who envisions every practice kick as a pressurized game-winner. "My workouts aren't physically that hectic, but I get a strong mental workout."

The DMN's draft review series features OLB Brandon Williams. Check out the highlights of him getting to the quarterback and stuffing the run.

Cowboys vs. the Texans, Patriots, or Bills in the Superbowl this year? I'll take it. Don Banks at SI talks about Dallas being one of the six new teams to break into the '09 postseason.

There are no two ways around it: The Cowboys underachieved mightily in 2008 and became a dysfunctional team in the locker room in the second half of last season. But only one of Dallas' losses came against a losing team, and that was at St. Louis in its first game without injured starting quarterback Tony Romo. Otherwise, the Cowboys lost to Pittsburgh, Arizona, Philly, Baltimore and the Giants -- the NFL's final four and its defending Super Bowl champion -- as well as to 8-8 Washington when the Redskins were rolling early.

Three reasons why the Cowboys will be better off in 2009 jump to mind: 1) Romo doesn't have to sweat the T.O. drama any more, and that's going to help his head and his game; 2) explosive running back/return man Felix Jones should play more than six games this time around; 3) the Cowboys improved their porous secondary both at cornerback and safety in free agency and the draft.

Cool video about Felix Jones on's multimedia center. The play-making RB relives his draft day, goes fishing, and smiles about being a Dallas Cowboy.

Somebody called Real Scouts at The Sporting News ranked the top 20 offensive tackles in the NFL. Flozell came in 12th.

12. Flozell Adams, Cowboys. Adams is aging but still has tremendous size and strength. Though the Cowboys struggled in pass protection last year, there's reason to believe a healthy Tony Romo and improved balance on offense will spark a return to form for Flozell the Hotel.

Big debate over air-supported structures vs. frame-supported structures in the wake of the indoor facility collapse at Valley Ranch. The Texas Board of Professional Engineers has opened an investigation of the accident.



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