Top 5 Reasons for 8-8 or 11-5

So I’m on record predicting an 8-8 finish for my beloved Dallas Cowboys.  Not a popular prediction by any means.  “Why even watch if that’s your feeling about the team?” was a common question.  Well… because I could be wrong.

To this end, I’ve decided to put together a Top 5 list of reasons Dallas may go 8-8 as well as a Top 5 list of reasons Dallas may go 11-5 (most common prediction by BTBers replying to my initial post).


So here goes:


Top 5 Reasons Dallas will finish 8-8 in 2010


  1. T.O. – Mr. Owens has his faults, but defenses had to account for him, and this was a key factor in the other members of the offense getting room to work.


  1. Wade Phillips – There is a reason Phillips has gone “O”fer in the playoffs.  He doesn’t get the most out of his players.  Further, he is not a motivator.  Say what you will about athletes needing to be self-motivated, but think about your job… are you fully motivated?  Probably not, and that’s the way it is for everyone, football players included.


  1. NFC East – This division is stacked!  Having to play these 3 teams twice each year is brutal.  The Giants D is going to be scary (plus the only games Canty will probably show up in will be against us).  The ‘Skins always play us tough and the finishes are usually frickin’ weird!  The Eagles are really good and we have major trouble with them.


  1. History – We have not had a “December to Remember” since Jimmy Johnson was coach.  He was the last guy with the authority and the ability to get our peeps to turn it up a notch.  If history is any guide, and I think it is, we will swoon again this December.  It also happens to be the toughest stretch of our schedule too.


1.   O-Line Depth – Our O-Line is good, but it is old and injury-prone.  We have lost Flozell on more than one occasion.  In his 12th season, the likelihood of him sustaining an injury that keeps him out several games is high.  Kosier was out most of last year.  We are limited to practice squad level players as back-ups for our starters.   Losses to the O-Line have a domino effect.  Running game suffers.  Pass protection suffers.  Point production goes down.  Pressure on defense mounts.  Losses become more likely.  We absolutely MUST get better O-Line depth.



Top 5 reasons the Dallas Cowboys will finish 11-5


  1. T.O. – Mr. Owens is a world-class athlete with game breaking ability.  That said he was also a world-class drop-factory.  Mix that in with the fact that he was becoming a world-class distraction, and the case for addition by subtraction is not a difficult argument to make.
  1. Sensabaugh – Mr. Williams has left the building.  I hope he can regain the form he had in his first 3 years with Dallas.  During that time he was a game-changer.  Over the last three years though, he has been the wrong kind of game-changer.  Ever since Brunell to Moss, Mr. Williams has looked lost in coverage.  Further, he failed to make up for it with bone crushing hits.  Word is that Sensabaugh has been kicking tail in OTA’s.  If he can man-up in coverage, the Defense will finally be able to disguise blitzes, which should improve the turnover ratio.


  1. The Hydra – I thought I was the first to come up with this name but I have now found it on an earlier post.  Crap.  Regardless, there is a real possibility The Hydra can devour defenses next season.  If properly deployed, we may have three badass running backs feeling fresh when December rolls around.


  1. History – In 1992, we had a running game, a huge O-Line, a top-notch tight-end, an undersized pass-rushing terror, and a QB everyone said was really good, but he had zero playoff wins.  So which history will repeat?  I hope it will be the 1992 history. 


1.   AFC West – Maybe AFC Waste would be more like it.  This division is so crappy that a Norv Turner coached team is predicted to win it.  Ugh!  Much like Wade, Norv is a coach who is best suited for Coordinator duty. 

What are your Top 5's?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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