"What ifs"

What if?


Can you see it, hear it, or feel it? There is something about this team that stands out to me. A noticeable intangible. I hear it in the players voices, a humble but confident tone. I see it on practice films and interviews, they look like athletes. I can feel the air around them sparkling with a drive that has been missing for years now.

Even Wade seems different. I think he’s working with the players and building their trust. He lost their trust last year. Newman spoke publicly about it last year when he questioned the play calling. . I listen to the players now and all I hear is how much they are learning. There is a sparkle in their eyes I can see it.

This atmosphere is miracle grow for athletes. Players like Austin, Jones, Bennett, Jenkins and others are going to quickly become very good. They are already good but they are going to become very good.

What if? What if all the pieces fall into place? How good would this team be? The Media is assuming the pieces are going to fall in place for the Giants and Eagles and we still have a chance to beat them. If the pieces fall into place for us, this team, it will roll right over the two before mentioned teams. The ceiling for the cowboys is nearly twice as high as the other teams in this division.

Why not? Why not have all the pieces fall into place? What are our real questions? Romo, the offensive line, or Wide receivers? Really? How about defense?

I have no doubt Romo’s woes were one Cory Proctor. The O-line will be back to form once Kosier or Holland start. That just makes since and the line is likely to be very good. Its funny to read how the redskins fans think their line has surpassed Dallas. Yea, just wait until Gurode and Davis roll one Haynesworth,. Dallas struggles with smaller quicker linemen not guys like Haynesworth. Flozell was sevicable with a separated shoulder and broken hand, his play will get much better this year if healthy. He is healthy. So it stands to reason the line will be much better.


Owens is a talented player and often his numbers are spewed out from Dallas faithful to justify his loss. What was the cost of those numbers? How many passes? How many drops? I would rather Felix Jones have those touches. Really! I think he would have more big plays and be more reliable. I think that’s what Garrett is thinking too. Owens is not an addition by subtraction., letting Owens go was a subtraction by addition. Owens is a great player, we just have better options.

What I am going to speak of next gives me shivers. The Dallas Defense has the potential to be scary good this year. Spencer was one of the guys I liked to watch last year on tape and he simply outplayed Ellis. He earned the job. I have read reports that Spears looks faster and more determined, and I like the Oslansky pick up. We have a deep rotation on the line only needing a backup to Ratliff. Our secondary is going to be young and might make mistakes but somehow I feel with Hamlin and James those will be minimized. This defense could be wicked good.

A whole lot of “what ifs“, but I think we planted these “what ifs” in miracle grow.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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