The Valley Ranch Review: The Greg Ellis Sweepstakes Begin; Jon Kitna Just Wants to Win

The possibility of Greg Ellis joining Tank Johnson and Roy Williams in Cincinnati could be very real, according to Ellis' agent.

James Williams, the agent for ex-Dallas linebacker Greg Ellis, said the Bengals are on his client's list because of his regard for defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, his coordinator in Dallas for seven years, after Ellis was cut Tuesday.

"Zim knows what he'd be getting," Williams said. "A locker room leader who produces."

But Williams said no visit has been lined up yet and that Ellis has "to sift" through what he says were "several" calls expressing interest. An outside linebacker in a 3-4 who has racked up 20.5 sacks the past two seasons and 77 in his career, the 6-6, 265-pound Ellis would most likely project to a rush end in the Bengals 4-3.


"The more the merrier," Zimmer said. "He's a good kid. He studies the game as well as anyone I've ever seen. I know he turns 34, but I also know he'll get eight sacks. He's that type of guy. And I would imagine you can do a lot of different things with him because now he's also played linebacker."

Todd Archer lists some of the other teams that Ellis could be linked to, including the Panthers-- in Ellis' home state.

Miami, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, Cincinnati - right off the bat. The Dolphins turned into Cowboys South the last two years once Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland took over, but they just re-signed Jason Taylor and have Joey Porter. Tampa Bay's new defensive coordinator is Jim Bates, who was Ellis' position coach at one time. And Philadelphia just added former coordinator Brian Stewart.

Gil Lebreton says that with all the recent offseason departures, Jerry Jones has learned to value saying good-bye.

Terrell Owens, Tank Johnson, Pacman Jones and now Ellis have been whisked from the locker room by owner Jones since the end of last season. Johnson and Pacman are no loss. Their contributions were negligible.

But Owens and Ellis both were contributors whose numbers will have to be replaced. Owens, for all of his annoyances, caught 235 passes in three seasons and scored 38 touchdowns.

That’s a lot to place on Spencer’s and Roy Williams’ shoulders.

The Cowboys, though, have to find out. Just as if Spencer disappoints, they will have to find out about rookies Victor Butler and Brandon Williams, both of whom will try to make the change to linebacker.

More VRR after the jump.

In '08, the lack of depth at the quarterback position severely hurt the team's chances of securing a playoff birth. This offseason, Dallas solidified the position by trading for veteran QB Jon Kitna and drafting Texas A&M's Stephen McGee. Kitna knows his role with the Cowboys, but still shows a strong arm and sounds down to do whatever it takes to win.

"I completely recognize that the best thing for this team is for me to never play a down this season," Kitna said. "I know that and I'm perfectly OK with that."


Kitna might not be 26, but at 36 he can still physically throw the ball.

"Jon's the man," said Cowboys receiver Roy Williams, who enjoyed his best season as a pro when Kitna featured him as his top target in Detroit in 2006. "If you're in the right spot, he's going to get you the ball."


"If my career ended today, I'd be OK with everything," said Kitna, who was named the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year in 2003. "But I feel great, and I want to stay in the game. And I want a chance to win. That's why I'm here."

A blog at The Sporting News predicted a disappointing year for the Cowboys.

3. Dallas Cowboys - America's team ( not really ) Got a new stadium .... but not too much new talent. Sure, they got rid of T.O. , the cancer, but they also got rid of T.O. , the pro-bowl wideout. Call me crazy, but I don't think getting rid of him was such a good idea.... I am not sold on Roy Williams. Marion Barber is going to be a beast this year, Felix Jones is going to make him look good. I am just not sure about Tony Romo.... what to think of him? He lost T.O. , but has a security blanket in witten. Williams is avarage.....and Jones provides a speedy target out of the backfield. Tony will not be a top- 5 QB this year, but has the potential to be an average fantasy option. I will got out on a limb here and predict Demarcus Ware WILL be the defensive MVP this year.... I mean, who has a better chance? The defense and the running game will keep the boys alive, but in the end, I predict another chokejob. Wade will be out of a job, and the big D will be picking pretty early in the 2010 draft... Dallas is no better than 6-10, 7-9 next year.

This guy at Associated Content predicts a 14-2 season for the Cowboys. That's a tad more optimistic than the dude at TSN!

Isaiah Stanback supported his alma mater just by showing up to nearly break the all-time WCWS attendance record. Stanback was part of a 60,512 crowd that watched the Washington Huskies deliver a two-game sweep in the Women’s College World Series.

Former Cowboys kicker, Billy Cundiff, completed his MBA degree this week. Cundiff kicked a record seven field goals for Dallas back in '03.

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