4th and Long: The War Room

Ok, I hadn't seen any speculation on here yet about the 4th and long series and who would win so I figured it was about time for some.

On a personal note to start off, I think the show was a great idea.  In the end we will see exactly how well it plays out for the one who actually wins but it was a great idea to keep the Cowboys Fans up in this lull time where everyone is just waiting for training camp.  This is the worst time of year for me along with right after the super bowl until the free agent signing period.  Not a lot of football going on at those times so I love this show because I get to see some new football.

Ok, so here are the contestants that are still left in competition:

1.  WR Andrew Hawkins - 5' 7" - 175 lbs - 22 years old

2.  WR Jesse Holley - 6' 3" - 226 lbs - 25 years old

3.  DB Ahmaad Smith - 6' 0" - 196 lbs - 25 years old

4.  DB Eddie Moten - 5' 10" - 185 lbs - 27 years old

Now without further delay I want to give you my opinion on who will win.  although you just have to look above to see that because I placed them in order from most likely to win to least likely.  I think Andrew Hawkins will win, however it is a tight race between him and Jesse Holley.  I will give the reasons for why I have placed each one of them here shortly. 

First of all I would like to give props to all of the people who had anything to do with this show for one big reason.  They have managed to keep the winner a secret all of this time.  The show was finished and a winner was decided before we even saw the first episode.  So good job there.  For one thing, I am almost certain it is a wide receiver.  I can't give a percentage but it is a very high percentage of certainty that it is a Wide Receiver for the following reasons

1st - Andrew Hawkins and Jesse Holley have not only never been inside the war room on the hot seat but they have impressed the coaches each week.  I have never heard them say a negtive comment about either one.  The coaches love them.  The only time they were technically up for elimination was during week 7 when everyone was up for elimination when they brought back everyone and held a scrimmage for who gets to stay.  Moten was on the hot seat last week and Smith was on the hot seat week five, although he gave an impressive performance on the first drill.

2nd - *SPOILER ALERT* When Jerry Jones held up a jersey for the preview to next weeks show the number on the jersey appeared to be the vacant number 16.  Even if it was not 16 then the first number was still a one, which means one thing . . . WR #.  NFL numbers are position exclusive and only Receivers and QBs can have numbers 10 - 19.  DBs are assigned a number between 20 and 49.  Devin Hester is the only exception I can think of, however he entered the league as a cornerback, not a wide receiver, hence his number 23.


Now, on to why I have placed each one where I have.  So we'll start with the top of the list with . . .

1.  WR Andrew Hawkins - He has shown some great skills and has great moves and is very fast.  He has been able to blow by blockers and get around them and create space for himself to catch balls.  His speed is a great advantage and will need it being only 5' 7".  He also has shown some strength in the blocking drills and was a fierce tackler for a WR during the special teams drills so we know that he is useful there.  He has constantly impressed the coaches.  His only disadvantage is his height.  One thing that also works for him is his age.  He is only 22 years old, so there is plenty of time for him to mature as a player and add to what he already has shown us.  He is also a very physical player, which also suprises people with the level of physicality that he offers for his size.

2.  WR Jesse Holley - The biggest guy left in the competition at 6' 3" and 226 lbs.  Now, if you remember back to draft time people reported of the prototypical cowboys receiver.  It was reported that a receiver should be at least 6' 1" and at least 200 lbs.  Those were the kind of receivers that Dallas has been drafting for a while now.  Jesse Holley fits this perfectly with his large frame.  Not only that but he has great hands.  He has constantly been in the end zone catching balls and running over defensive backs.  He was a great jump ball threat in those drills.  He has also shown great special teams skills as a tackler and blocker.  He wasn't the best return man out there so we probably won't see him with the ball on special teams if he is chosen.  Jesse Holley is also a very physical player, which is expected for someone his size but has definitely impressed with his level of physicality, especially the way he ran over one of the DBs when they called him out for shying away from tackles in the yards after contact drill.  His biggest disadvantage is his age, but there are players who have entered at 25 and still had great careers.  Some receivers play until they are about 40 and are still effective.  Jerry Rice (retired at 42) and Tim Brown (Retired at 39) were some of these and Terrell Owens is probably going to play a few more years and is currently 35.

3.  DB Ahmaad Smith - He has a good size for a DB.  The cowboys already have some but you can always use more hybrids.  Ahmaad Smith has the size to be able to fill in at safety or play at corner.  A prototypical NFL safety is 6' 0", 200 lbs.  Ahmaad is 4 lbs shy of that.  He has a slight disadvantage in age just like Holley does but still has a good amount of playing time that he could still have.  He isn't as physical as we would hope for a defensive players.  He is one of the guys that was whining about the receivers shying away from contact during the yards after contact drill.  Now, it is to my understanding that it is the defense's job to create contact, not the receiver's.  I believe the only objective of the offense is to get into the end zone, hence get yards.  That speaks of a lack of physicality and desire to me from ahmaad smith.  I can't remember if it was moten or smith but one of them had a small injury and when Michael Irvin told him to ice it, they gave him some lip.  Cowboys just got rid of that so they won't take another guy that will bring that onto the team, especially a rookie grade player.

4. DB Eddie Moten - Probably won't play anything but Corner with his size.  He was a good returner so maybe we could see him with the ball in his hands.  Its nice to have a guy that can focus solely on returning kicks and keep the other players where they should be focused.  He is the oldest of the group, which doesn't speak volumes for him.  He might have about 10 years max left in him for an NFL career.  With a couple years added on to get used to NFL play, that probably won't be enough to get him selected.  He hasn't shown the brilliance to be a difference maker right away that would cause someone to overlook that fact.  He is already older than or just as old as most of the players on the team at 27 years old.  Cowboys were trying to get younger so I don't see this guy getting picked, although he does have some good about him.  He was also one of the guys complaining about the receivers shying from contact in the yards after contact drill though, so his pysicality and desire are questionable as well.


Well, those are my 2 cents on the whole competition.  I can't wait for monday to see if I was right or not.  Like I said it is a tight race between Hawkins and Holley for me.  Hawkins doesn't have great size but his speed and physicality make up for it while Holley has the size and hops but not as much of the speed and ability to create space.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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