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Sun, Sept 13 @ Tampa Bay (FOX) Noon Win

This game scares me because of something Raf mentioned many post ago. Week one is not a true indicator of what kind of team you have or what kind of team you played against. I think we should win but I don't think it's a given. Tampa will be a lot like us in they are going to look a lot different this year. A new coach, a number of new players as vets like Derrick Brooks were released. What do you study for? how do you prepare? This game worries me. I think Dallas is the more talented team but I hate where we got this game. Tampa on the road 1st game of the season with a new coaching staff. This is going to be a hard game.

Sun, Sept 20 NEW YORK GIANTS (NBC) 7:15 PM Win

I was listening to Brandon Jacobs talk on the radio several weeks ago and he said he hated the Cowboys orginization. He hated everything about them but did not hate the players. There wasn't even a close second. Add to that this is our first game in our new stadium and I have to wonder out loud does this group of players understand? I'm not sure the cowboys players even give a second thought to the giants. My fear is the giants will be more motivated than the cowboys about our first home game in our new stadium. One thing for sure is if Brandon Jacobs words don't make bullitin boards all over valley ranch then someone needs to be fired! I think this is going to be another motivated team we have to play with an agenda. Another tough game.

Mon, Sept 28 CAROLINA (ESPN, TXA 21) 7:30 PM Win

We traditionally play well against Carolina in Carolina, this one is in dallas. Terrence Newman seems to have Steve Smiths number. Jake Delhome is going to be healthy this year and he should be better than last year but I think Dallas's pass rush will prove to much for him. They have an excellent two headed monster at running back but I don't think they can prevail in Dallas. I think Dallas wins this game.

Sun, Oct 4 @ Denver (FOX) 3:15 PM Win

@ Denver is not a good thing. Big uglies and high altitude do not mix. I visited Denver last year, went camping and the altitude can take your breath away if you are doing something strenous. I was there the same time dallas was playing it's pre season game. It will have an effect on the big guys. It will effect the small guys too, but the big guys will be hit even harder. Kykle Orton will be quarterbacking the broncos. He was playing pretty good at the end of last year and I expect him to play even better with some weapons. Denver should still stink at defense even with Brian Dawkins. Dawkins familiarity with the Cowboys will certianly help Denver. Still the Broncos are going to be playing with a new head coach and a new QB. We will have three weeks of film so we should know something about thier tendencies. I would have liked to had more time to get more info on this new orginization but we don't. I still think we win but I don't expect it to be easy under the circumstances.

Sun, Oct 11 @ Kansas City (FOX) Noon Win

@ Denver and then @ kansas City, two of the hardest places to win at on the road back to back. Also back to back rookie coaches with new teams. Cassel proved he's a pretty good QB last year when surrounded by talent, lets see how he does with considerably less talent around him. Dallas shold win this game but again the circumstances of playing a new coach relitivly early in the season on thier turf is not going to help.

Sun, Oct 18 BYE

Sun, Oct 25 ATLANTA (FOX) 3:15 PM Win

The atlanta falcons acquiring Micheal Turner was the key to their success lat season. They ran the football very effectivly last year. Now teams have a year of tape on the new coach and quarterback lets see what happens. I suspect they will be a good team again, they can run the football and that is key to me. The falcons are not known for a loud stadium or home field advantage like kansas city or denver. This would have made a better away game. However I think we win it because we are at home and that is the only real advantage I think we have. These two teams do not seem that far apart to me.


Another new coach on the schedule, but this time he's not a rookie. Seattle should still run the west coast offense so I don't expect a huge change with them. At least we don't have to play in seattle, another tough stadium to play in. I expect Seattle to get much better after getting healthy but Dallas should win this game at home.

Sun, Nov 8 @ Philadelphia (NBC) 7:15 PM Win

I bet when the schedule came out every player, fan, and coach of the cowboys was looking for the first eagles game. This is it. I expect a battle royal in this game. I think for the first time in a decade this team may actually hate a divisional rival more than they hate us. I don't think its a given we win but I dare say we will probably win. On top of that I trully believe the eagles are the fourth best team in the East. Losing Jim Jhonson and Brian Dawkins is going to hurt. McNabb just does not look the part of an elite QB anymore to me. Westbrook is battling chronic problems and this team is going to rely on a lot of rookies and second year players. I just don't think the Eagles are elite. It's going to be tough in Philly but I think our guys know that and will be ready.

Sun, Nov 15 @ Green Bay (FOX) 3:15 PM Win

How cold will it be? Green Bay will be changing to the 3-4 and they got the beef in Raji to do it. Another new scheme for dallas to study this year. Geeze how many new things should one team have to deal with in one year? If Green Bay gets it together this could be a tough game. It's a little early to be real cold so I'm going to say dallas survives with a win in this game. We finnally have the corners to cover the spread offense, couple that with a good pass rush and this game looks winnable.


I believe washington is the surprise team this year. I believe they got better across the board and have some continuity. Campbell will be in the system for the 2nd year for the first time.Albert Haynesworth will make an already good defense better. I think they have some young recievers that might contribute this year too. To me its clear this is the team to beat in the division this year. I think they are leaps and bounds ahead of philly and marginally better than the giants.

You can throw talent out the window when playing the redskins. I've watched to many games to know you can't predict these games. I say we split with Washington and we will win the home game.


Thurs, Nov 26 OAKLAND (CBS) 3:15 PM Win

Oakland at home should be a win. John Clayton was saying the coaching staff was concerned in OTA's because Russell was throwing the ball very poorly. We have more talent and we play them at home, we shoud win.

Sun, Dec 6 @ New York Giants (FOX) 3:15 PM Loss

I believe we split with New York. We might win at home but if we don't we will win here. Even if we win at home and Jacobs is hurt I still think the 'Giants take one from us, we lose this game or the one at home. Brandon Jacobs will be hurt by this game and the Giants lack depth to continue a dominate running game.

Sun, Dec 13 SAN DIEGO (CBS) 3:15 PM Loss

So beggins the December run. San Diego is a much more talented team than the Cowboys. The charges have the talent to have a top 10 defense with a top 10 offense. The Chargers are Superbowl material in my humble opinoin. I think we lose this game. I also think it starts the media frenzy on how the Cowboys will fall in december.

Sat, Dec 19 @ New Orleans (NFLN, TXA 21) 7:15 PM Loss

If we have any chace of winning this game our defense has to play lights out. Greg Williams is familiar with the Cowboys and he's a darn good D-coordinator. Playing in New Orleans is going to hurt too. I read Bush has bulked up and retained his quickness and speed and the Saints expect him to take on a bigger role. Words like breakout year and such are being tossed around. Seeing how late this game is played in the season i think might play into this game. Injuries may play a role because I don't think the saints are very deep. If we go face a healthy Saints team we lose.


Sun, Dec 27 @ Washington (NBC) 7:15 PM Loss

See above


How ironic. I think Phillies collapse will be just about complete by now and this game will mean nothing to them. I don't think we lose to philly at home after last years debocle.

So many things could change and we will win some we shouldn't and lose some we should win. It's way to early to predict these things but it sure is fun trying to.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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