Upgrading the Backup Offensive Line

Sometimes you can excuse the poor play of your backups because they are developmental guys.  You expect them to improve over time.  That is the case with Doug Free.  We aren't expecting him to set the world on fire at LT.  We are expecting him to hit the weightroom hard and eat his Wheaties for the next year.  On the other hand, does anybody honestly expect Proctor, Holland, or McQuistan to improve significantly at this point in their careers?  Given that they are not developmental players, we can look to the waiver wire and unsigned free agents as replacements.  Here is's list of top free agent O-linemen.  I think we should go get the 3 guys who will be an improvement over our underachieving three. 

Offensive Tackle
Levi Jones (LT) - Talented, long-time starter for the Bengals, but has suffered through various injuries over the past few years which have limited his play.
Mark Tauscher (RT) - May not be ready to play until after the regular season starts.
Jon Runyan (RT) - He still wants to play one to two years and should be ready to go by some time in August.
Jonas Jennings (LT/RT) - Oft-injured since he signed a big free-agent contract with the 49ers and probably is better off at right tackle because of his short arms.
Charles Spencer (LT/RT/G) - Very talented and versatile, but hasn't been the same after suffering a horrific leg/knee injury during his rookie season with the Texans. Recently signed with the UFL.
Kwame Harris (LT) - Marginal starter, but could be a solid backup for a team in need of a LT.
Jason Fabini (RT/G) - Can play probably at least three spots on the offensive line. Serviceable backup at this point in his career.
Wayne Gandy (LT) - Last word we had was that he still wanted to play.
Junius Coston (RT) - Fits in as a fourth tackle.
Rob Petitti (RT) - He was recently selected in the UFL draft.
Fred Miller (RT) - 36-year old tackle who probably will retire.
Kevin Sampson (RT) - Started his career off with the Kansas City Chiefs and has bounced around of late.


Kendall Simmons - 30-year old interior lineman who started 80 games in seven years for the Steelers. Could find a starting job if a team loses a guard during training camp.
Pete Kendall - He turns 36 early next month, but probably still has two good years left in him.
Terrence Metcalf - Had started 25 games in seven years with the Chicago Bears.
Edwin Mulitalo - Oft-injured interior lineman who could be a pretty solid backup at this point of his career.
Chris Naeole - Turns 35 at the end of the regular season and probably will retire.
Scott Peters - Basically a fourth guard.
Barry Stokes (RT/LT) - The 35-year old journeyman lineman has spent time with 10 teams in his career, but could find a new home before the regular season starts because of his versatility.
Lennie Friedman (C) - Basically a fourth interior lineman.


Jason Whittle (G) - The 33-year old lineman is capable of playing four positions on the offensive line.
Steve McKinney (G) - He's pretty much at the end of the line, but could have one more season left. His versatility could get him a job.
Matt Lehr (G) - Versatile veteran backup.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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