Free play by play Pre-season game 1

Doug Free play by play from my eyes

Sorry my notes got mixed up and they are out of order some.

Doug Free play by play

Run up the middle, Doug turns his man to the outside, good play by Doug.

His second play is not shown until he already has his guy on his back, I have no idea how he got there.

Pass play, attempted speed rush, Free blocks it easily no pressure from his man.

Run play away from Doug, difficult angle but a good block is made, Dougs man isout of the play.

Pass play, safety blitz, Doug picks the safety up and puts an end to the blitz, no pressure form the blitz.

Scree pass, Free gives up ground on bull rush but I think he was suppossed to. 

Pass play, deep pass, Free stones his man on the line. 

Pass play, line slide blocks away from Doug, he ends up on double team with Phillips on DE. DE is stood up on the spot no pressure at all.

Kitna drops snap, play was trap with Doug leading into hole, he looked very quick got to a linebacker very fast. 

Deep pass, Doug stones his man on the line.

Pass play, noone rushes on Dougs side of the line, he just stands there.

Run play right off Dougs tackle spot, Choice for huge gain called back for holding on Hurd, Doug Collapses the left side of the D-line, very physical block. Very impressive.

Pass play, Doug slips on dirt and loses his balance, regains his balance but gets pushed back into the QB.

Pass play, long pass, Doug has no one to block again. Just stands there looking for someone.

Run behind Doug, drives DE 4 yards downfield. 

Long pass play, the guy Doug is blocking has quit, he just stands there. Doug gives him a friendly punch and he quits. 

Run play away from Free, Doug drives #90 seven yards straight back. Dominating block.

Run play, Doug drives his man 3 yards and pancakes him.

Pass play, attempted speed rush, Doug handles it easily.

Goalline run, Doug gets no push on 77, seems Doug loses goaline battle.

Shotgun Draw, Kitna drops snap, Free gets to linbacker very quickly.

Pass play, long devoloping play, Free blocks 77, no problem with him.

Free blocks no one as guy runs right by him, I think Doug was on a different page from everyone else or McGeee was  to roll right, the line shifted right but Doug did not. Someone screwed up.

Free and Phillips on double team pass blocking handle it with no problem.

Doug gets called for false start but Proctor did not snap the ball.

Doug punches, punches and on the third punch the DE slaps his hands and rushed right by him, McGee should have passed the ball long before then but he held on to it to long.

Run play, Doug drives DE three yards.

Run play up middle, Doug unloads on MLB and knocks him down.

Pass play, long pass, Doug holds his ground against bull rush.

Pass play, roll out away from Doug, he stones his man where he stands.

Draw play, doug turns his man and drives him, looked very good.

Run up middle, Doug gets whipped to ground. Looked bad on this play. Was off balance badly.

Screen pass, Doug gets driven backwards again. Just like the other screen, I think he's letting his guy drive him.

Quick pass over Doug, quick hard punch gets his guy to lower his hands.

Long deep pass, Doug stones his guy again.

Long deep pass, Same result, Doug looks good again.

Run play away, Doug turns his man outside.

Run play, Doug buries his man in the ground.

Pass play, roll out away from Doug, his guy never gets across the hash marks.

Run play up middle, turns his guy outside and out of play.

Free and Holland on pass play double team, Free gets off balance.

Pass play, bull rush gives up one step and bends but stands his ground.

Free pulls and leads through hole hits safety and drives him ten yards down field.

Run play, sweep left outside Doug, he pancakes 77

Pass play, jail break on McGee, Free missed his block but so did everyone else, ???? not sure what gives on this one. Maybe the ball was snaped early?

Draw play Doug drives guy way outside out of play.

Run play, Holland pulls and steps on Frees foot, Doug falls to the ground before making contact and his guy kills the running back.

4th down play, Doug stands his guy up at the line.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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