Siavii play by play

Saivii play by play as requested

his very first play is a laugher, he leans forward and the center shrugs him and he falls on his face.

Run off guard/tackle, stands up center and runs him down line, gets arm on McFadden and helps make tackle for two yard gain, not bad.

Roll out pass, center is pulling but Siavii shuves him two yards into the backfield. Siavii has no chance to make a play but he does take out a blocker.

Run up middle, gets double teamed, pushes double team a yard into backfield, held his ground nicely. Linebackers make easy tackle but Siavii should get some of the credit.

Drop back pass, initial pop is good, gets center moving backwards but stalls after two yards and gets stood up there.

Drop back pass, Great shuck on center, he pulls the center off balance and goes right by him, revenge shuck from the first play. The running back blocks him but it disrupts the blocking and the QB throws the ball away. Linebackers were blitzing, not enough blockers once Siavii beat the center.

Drop back pass, 4 man line, simply grabs guards shoulders and does not pressure at all, might be a spy or might have put forth no effort, its hard to say.

jumps off sides.

Drop back pass, is a full step behind everyone else coming off the ball did not want to be offsides again I guess, Shoves the centers hands to the side and runs right by him. Got to late a start to make a diffrence.

Four man line and Siavii is not on it. 

Roll out pass, Siavii pushes pulling center three yards into backfield. 2nd time he's done this and it effectivly takes a blocker out of the play.

Run right, Siavii shoots the gap left leaving a huge hole, somebody screwed up, I think its Siavii.

Drop back pass, doubled and gets no pressure at all, does not get off line.

Run up middle, Siavii gets chop blocked, guard hits his knees, he stays on his feet but is off balance and the full back drives him three yards out of the play. 

Drop back pass, starts the play off getting tripple teamed one blocker slides off so it ends a double team. He pushes the double team and actuall touches the pass. really good play for Siavii. 

Drop back pass, gets doubled does not leave the line again.

Drop back pass, pushes the center back into the pocket and swats the attempted pass. 

Screen pass, Wade mentions this play and I can see why, He does three really good things here, 1 he shucks the center and beats him right off the bat, 2 he reads the screen play immedietly, 3 he hustles and makes the tackle 20-30 yards down field running down the running back. 

Run off tackle, Siavii gets his legs taken out by guard again, he goes to ground, out of play.

Drop back pass, pushes double team swats at ball, close but not really to hitting attempted pass. 

Sweep running play, He leans forward and falls on his face, he might be tired. 


My impressions of Siavii might have changed a little after watching him. He beat single blocks every time except when the guard cut his legs. He is a ninji with his hands. His hand work was super! He kept his blockers off balance and he kept thier hands off him. 

I was impressed he was able to read the screen play so quickly, and hes not a great pass rusher though he beats the center several times hes to slow to actually make the sack. He lacked that burst of speed like Ratliff, but unlike Ratliff he was not getting pushed anywhere. 

I noticed somthing else too, when Olshansky was in the game he consistantly got double teamed and was pushing the doube team into the pocket. Put Olshansky next to Siavii and you have got a good push that should serve our linebackers well, but neither guy can pass rush. 

He also batted down two balls and came close to a third. He might not be able to pass rush but he gets his hands up in the lanes, he looks like he has long strong arms and he uses them very well, 

On the Downside he did not beat any double teams by spliting them, he pushed them a little but he was no real threat when doubled. He has little to no pass rush. He's not as slow as I thought he would be but he is not fast and lacks a burst. He makes up for it by having great hands. 

There were a couple plays he looked tired or lacked aggression, 

He is way ahead of Seawright and Anderson. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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