Doug Free play by play Tennessee

I must admitt this was a much harder game to do play by play on, Doug lined up against a DE who never put his hand on the ground and who was bringing it every down. Lattimore for all his accolades was awful. He would not go where the play was designed to go. 

Drop back pass, Doug looks for help from fullback, Crosslin does not help, Free gets beat inside by rusher. He recovers enough for pass to get off.

Run off Dougs tackle, initial punch sends DE backwards, Doug turns DE outside, he had DE off balnce and could have driven him but turned him instead.

Counter to guards hole next to Doug, DE crashes inside reading the counter, Doug drives him by the center taking him out of the play. Not conventional but it worked.

Deep pass to Austin, Doug gets bullrushed back into Kitna. If Doug Maintains block we would be talking about Austin today.

Shotgun pass, corner blitz, Doug reads blitz and is going to block corner, corner just runs away from Doug.

Drop back pass, Doug appears to be expecting help from guard, DE spins inside and Doug does not follow him. 

Run middle, Doug turns man outside out of play.

Run play up middle, DE crashes inside right into hole, Doug drives him out of hole.

Deep drop and pass, DE speed rush, Doug rides him past pocket pushing him past QB.

Drop back pass, DE bullrush, Doug makes block.

Shotgun screen, Doug blocks speed rush, screen to other side of field, 

Run behind Doug, Doug drives man 4 yards.

Drop back pass, DE lines up 2 yards of line and stands up, he gets a running start and bullrushes Doug while Doug is in his backpedal. Doug gives up a lot of ground.

Drop back pass, Doug stones man at line, Kitna scrambles and Doug goes downfield, gets flagged.

Shotgun pass, Doug blocks bullrush but DE swats his hands and runs by him, pass was gone but Doug struggled with pass blocking.

Quick pass, Doug gives quick punch and keeps DE on line.

Run off right tackle, Doug blocks linebacker, very difficult angle but Doug makes block, Flo aint doing that.

Run left guard, Doug turnd DE outside and out of play.

Deep drop pass, DE speed rush cuts inside then spins, Doug drives him over pile into ground.

Run right, Lattimore runs left, Doug burries his man into turf, Latimore sees hole and runs left behind Doug.

Shotgun pass, Doug blocks DE on line

Run play up middle, DE runs up field on speed rush taking himself out of play.

Drop back pass, Doug holds on this play but is not called. Doug had to hold because he was beat.

Drop back pass, Doug blocks DE to standstill.

Drop back pass, Doug punches DE and he drops to turf.

Sweep left, Doug goes to second level but linebackers blitzed so Doug misses block.

Shotgun draw, DE stunts into hole, Doug gets just enoughof him to keep him from getting tackle. 

Pass play, Doug points out blitz before play, Doug and Phillips block three guys, big pass to Ogletree.

Run off right tackle, DE is never a threat.

Run off left guard, Doug gets good push.

Run behind Doug, He pancakes DE

Run up middle, Doug does not make a good block and his DE makes the tackle at the line.

Run up middle, Doug takes his man to turf,

Shotgun Pass, Doug loses his man and McGee scrambles.


Tennessee clearly had more talent than Oakland. The DE lined up on Doug seldom put his hand on the ground and a linebacker would stack behind the end. They blitzed testing Dougs mental part of the game. This week he may have made one mental error when a DE stunted inside and Doug did not follow him, it could have been the guard just as easily. 

Doug did not dominate his guy driving him yards down the field like last week  but the end lined up a yard off the ball on some snaps standing up getting a running start. There was a lot of stunting and setting up moves. 

I was really impressed when Doug read a blitz before the play tipping McGee to it and a big play insued in the vacated area. Made Ogletree look like a super wide out but a lot of  the credit is really Dougs. 

They really tested Doug!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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