Bobby Carpenter play by play, Tennessee

Bobby Carpenters play by play for preseason Tennessee

Nickel Defense, Bobby drops into zone, covers wide receiver and has good coverage. Ball goes elsewhere

Nickel Defense, Run off left guard, Guard attacks Bobby but Bobby uses his hands and keeps the guard off him, shucks guard and is part of tackle on line of scrimmage, I have not seen Bobby do this before. 

Nickel Defense, Bobby drops into deep zone, ball goes elsewhere, Bobby had no one in his zone.

I just noticed Kieth Brookings do the same thing with his hands Bobby  did a couple plays ago, I wonder if Kieth showed him something?

Nickel Defense, Bobby lines up at OLB on the line of scrimmage, Blitzes, shucks RB and forces Collins out of the pocket, Collins throws pass to coaches.

Nickel defense, Bobby lines up at OLB on line again, shows blitz but covers tight end down seam, has great coverage, 

Nickel defense, Bobby covers tight end into flat, great positioning and coverage, pass goes elsewhere.

Start of second half, Bobby in on base D

Run play, Spears destroys the guard/tackle area and Bobby is two yards deep into the backfield disrupting the play. Bobby is quick, get the blockers off him and he is looking good.

Drop back pass, Bobby covers running back on circle rout, peels off and helps tackle scrambling QB.

Bobby goes into a deep Zone on third and long, dump off pass short, Bobby gets blindsided by wide out and he is crushed while trying to make a play well short of the first.

Run of left tackle, Guard comes out to Bobby and Bobby shucks him and goes right by him, makes tackle at line of scrimmage.

Nickel D, Bobby covers tight end into flat, great coverage, pass goes elsewhere,

Run left cut back right, Misdirection fools Bobby, I still think he could have made tackle if not for all the bodies in the way.

Drop back pass, covers tight end into flat, great coverage again, ball goes elsewhere.

Blitz, Bobby blitzes and wraps up the guard, I had to rewind it to see what the ???? he was doing. The other linebacker blitzes too and Bobby is holding the guard to free up the other linebacker, I think this is illegal.

Play action pass, Bobby bites on play action, Bobby tries to recover but tight end is open, ball goes elsewhere, 

Run play , Bobby lines up at OLB on line again, he blitzes, if Vince Young had kept the ball on play action Bobby would have killed him. 

Pass play, It is suppossed to be quick pass to TE but Bobby is in position to intercept so QB pulls ball down, he is going to dump it to RB but Bobby slips off TE and covers RB, Vince runs and Bobby tackles him. This play went much deeper than just tackling Vince, Bobby was the reason the whole play ended up like it did.

Bobby pulled just minutes into 4th.


Bobby had a great game, Not one time did he get driven out of a play, just the opposite, he was making plays around the line of scrimmage. He got off blocks much quicker this game. He used some moves and his hands like I haven't seen him do before. He was like water on duck feathers when it came to guards this game. I am crossing my fingers this is not an anomaly. 

Bobby is lining up at OLB on the line in Nickle some, he has shown he can blitz and be effective. He gets to the QB. He is much like the guy we saw in Seattle a few years back. 

He played much of the game with the starters so I got to see some good things from him, If he can improve from here Dallas is going to be better than OK. 

Just my opinion. But playing with the startes helped Bobby. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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