Julius Crosslin play by play Tennessee

This guy might see some game time this year, he may not make the team. I was curious how he played under the microscope so here it is. His play by play for Tennessee

Run up middle, Safety blitz, Crosslin hits the safety (Chris Hope) and drives him 4 yards.

Run right, cutback left, Crosslin delivers crushing blow to Safety (Chris Hope), Hope will be looking for him from now on.

Run right guard, Crosslin meets MLB and delivers good pop, turns him outside and running back runs off his hip.

Draw play, Crosslin meets OLB in hole, Crosslin buckles and falls to his knees after contact., if Crosslin makes this block its Marion and a sefety and thats it. 

Crosslin to flat, juggles pass and catches it four yard gain, 

Crosslin into flat, no one covers him pass goes elsewhere.

Crosslin lines up with bunched recievers right, quick screen pass left. Crosslin out of play.

Drop back pass, dump off to crosslin, 8 yard gain,  Crosslin showed a quickness after gathering the pass.

Pass play, Crosslin runs into flat, no one covers him pass goes elsewhere.

Reverse, Crosslin leads fake run into line.

Goalline run, Crosslin meets Kosier who is pulling and they drive linebacker 4 yards out of hole.

Quick WR screen, Crosslin looks like he is trying to get to safety but he runs into MLB. He was not trying to block him bu got knocked off course.

Crosslin lines up outside TE, he motions into backfield, Chips DE who is speed rushing and slips into flat, he is covered well by a line backer.

Run up middle, Crosslin meets stunting DE in hole crushes him and blast him out of hole, There is a gaping hole to run through, CB blitzes and tackles Jones right after getting ball, Jones had a huge hole curtousy of Crosslin but not to be, unlucky call. GAPING HOLE!   DE is Vandanbosh.

3rd and 1 fullback draw, Crosslin meet two yards deep in backfield, powers three yards out of play, just one of those plays that every one ignores but was really a big play.

Drop back pass, Crosslin covered into flat, linebacker has him covered well.

Pitch play to Barber, Crossling gets fake handoff, 

Run off left tackle, Crosslin goes 6 yards before finding someone to block, another gaping hole, getting late into second and Tennessee's defense is starting to look soft. They are worn out.

Play action roll out, Crosslin leads fake and looks for someone to block on backside but there is noone there.

Last play of half, goalline, Crosslin meets blitzing linebacker in hole, linbacker crumbles to turf, 

Drop back pass, Crosslin catches stunting DE and stops him in his tracks, good block.

Drop back pass, Choice and Crosslin both block DE, Crosslin is talking to Ray Sherman, I think he was suppossed to run a swing rout. 

Schwapp takes over.


The real question is, do like Crosslin or do you like Hannah? I personally like Crosslin because of plays like the two goal line plays, we need him there, but Hannah may be as good or better in a lot of areas. Crosslin did nothing to hur himself and was dominate on certian plays. 

I think it really depends on how bad anderson is hurt, if he's coming back we keep Hannah and try to put crosslin on PS. If not Hannah is gone and we keep Crosslin. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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