Bobby Carpenter, play by play, 49ers

I changed the format just a little to include the quarter and time the play started. I did not include special teams, here is what I could see.

1st, 1:20 Shotgun pass, full back sets up fro screen Bobby shadows him, a good eight yards off but ready to make tackle.

2nd, 5:59 Blitz, Bobby runs into guard occupying him, Williams on delayed blitz, 

2nd, :52, Bobby has good coverage on Davis into flat, Davis lined up in backfield slipped into flat. 

2nd, :37 Shotgun draw, TE attempts to block Bobby but Bobby uses his hands and keeps Davis off him, Bobby sheds the block and makes the tackle on the play for minimum gain.

2nd, :16 Shotgun Pass, Davis makes a good comeback move Bobby loses him for just a second but recovers quickly and has good coverage.

3rd, 13:46, Shotgun Bobby blitzes and James comes on delayed blitz, James comes free on blitz, 

3rd, 5:00, Run play off letf guard, Bobby attacks gap and hits guard at line gets driven about a yard but holds the hole, the back has nowhere to run as Siavii and Bobby colapse all the running lanes. 

3rd, 4:20, Screen pass, bobby covers tight end on other side of field, hes out of the play.

3rd, 3:25, Bobby covers RB aout of the backfield, good coverage

3rd, 3:00, Drop back pass then scramble, Bobby peals off coverage and forces the QB to slide.

3rd, 2:05, Run off right guard, Guard drives Bobby five yards straight back. Bobby gets overpowered.

3rd, 1:25 Play action roll out, Bobby bites on play action, recovers and covers #17 a wide out deep down the field. 

3rd, :39 Drop back pass, Bobby covers tight end down seam and releases him to Ball, Ball is slow to come over and deep pass completed.

3rd, :17, Goalline, Bobby is blocked by Tackle but holds his gap, 

4th, 10:49, swep right, a defensive lineman gets driven back into Bobby then both of them get driven out of the play badly. I could not tell who the lineman was, maybe Jefferson, 

4th, 10:44, Run off right tackle, Bobby pursues play but running back changes direction and runs off right tackle, Butler lost containment and bobby chases running back down down and makes tackle 8 yards down field.

4th, 9:25, Drop back pass, TE sets up on screen, Bobby shadows him in position to make tackle, ball goes elsewhere.

4th, 8:45, Screen pass, Bobby covers tight end on other side of field.

4th, 8:02, Bobby drops back into zone, screen pass underneath. Bobby not in play.

4th, 7:37, Run up middle, Bobby gets wrapped up by fullback, whole defense gets driven back including Bobby, 

4th, 6:57, Drop back pass, Dump off to running back, bobby gets bumped in backfield trying to cover fullback, he loses him but pass goes elsewhere.

4th, 6:11, Run off right tackle, Full back hits Bobby and drives him 3 yards driving him out of play.

4th, 5:35, Play action pass, FB screen, Bobby covers tight end down seam.

4th, 4:40, Wildcat run, The center hits and drives Boby out of the play, Bobby struggles to get off block and lacks the power to hold his ground.

4th, 1:51, bobby blitzes and hits QB just as he releases the ball, nice hit too.

4th, 1:46, Bobby has good coverage on running back out of backfield.

4th, 1:40, Bobby checks the jams the tight end knocking him off his rout, good chuck and good coverage.

4th, 1:30, Bobby drops into zone, no one to cover.

4th, 1:26, Bobby on delayed blitz, he is very quick getting to QB, dump off pass.

4th, 1:16, Bobby has good coverage on tight end out of backfield, good coverage.

4th, :58, bobby covers running back out of backfield, good coverage,

4th, :41, Defensive line blows the play up and Bobby navigates the traffic impressivly. He's not part of play but he moves well when not being blocked.

4th, :34, Run up middle, Bobby gets off block from guard but attempts to make tackle and slipps of the running back, weak tackle, winning TD.


Next week is about as an irrelivant game as you can have so I will make my observations now about preseason. 


Week one Bobby was pushed around badly by the raiders, week two he played an almost perfect game, and week three (this week) he went back to getting pushed around just not as much or as badly. Bobby has a habit of getting blown out of plays. I think to our benifit he plays better with the starters, it seemed someone on the D-line was getting blown up more than they should. I should give credit to the left guard of San Fran that guy was huge and athletic. He was making a lot of guys look bad. 

What I expect from what I see is a guy who will not be consistant against the run but is quick enough to make big plays in the run game. He can blitz and cover so he makes the perfect nickle linebacker. Dallas lined him up outside some and blitzed him off the edge the first two weeks (but not this week)and he looked good there too. Just not strong enough or mean enough or tough enough or whatever enough to hold up against the run.  He got better and seems to be getting better so heres hoping he continues to improve but he's everything you want out of the nickle linebacker. 

Another thing I noticed was Dallas stayed with the 3-4 base unless it was 3rd and long and even then sometimes they would stay in the 3-4. Every week they would line up 3-4 against three wide, and that put some pressure on the defense to cover the skill players. Example, the San Fran final drive was three wide and three wide with a tight ends(four wide) and Dallas stayed in the 3-4, if it were the season you would see something very diffrent. 

I'm satisfied with Bobby in the role he will be playing but I don't think he's a good option to replace Brookings or James,. Everyone hope Williams learns quick. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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