Siavii, play by play,

play by play for Siavii, 49ers preseason play.

2nd, 7:21, Run off left guard, pushes center into hole and cause pile up, very strong play.

2nd, 6:40, Trap play off guard, Siavii get pancaked by tackle.

2nd, 5:59, 4 man line, drop back pass, Siavii pushes guard six yards back, dep, deep drop by QB.

3rd, 8:55, Screen pass, Siavii hits guard and then gets blocked by tackle, not a factor in the play.

3rd, 8:20 Play action roll out pass, Siavii pushes the pulling guard two yards deep. Bites on the play action takes himself out of play.

3rd, 8:06, Drop back pass, Siavii gets pancaked.

3rd, 7:09, Drop back pass, drives double team 3 yards deep and almost swats pass down.

3rd, 5:43, Quick pass, no time to make a play.

3rd, 5:39, sweep left, never had a chance to be a part of play, 

3rd, 5:04, Run off left guard, Siavii gets doubled by guard and center, gets dumped to turf but causes a pile where the ball was going. 

3rd, 4:20, screen pass, Siavii rushes the passer as the linemen let him go, he's out of the play.

3rd, 3:25, Play action deep pass, Siavii bites on play action gets blocked by center and is not a factor in play.

3rd, 3:00, Drop back pass, Siavii gets driven four yards and QB scrambles into gapping hole left by a vacated Siavii.

3rd, 2:07, Run off right guard, Siavii gets doubled by guard/center, gets turned out of play.

3rd, 1:25, play action roll out pass, Siavii bites on play action takes himself out of the play.

3rd, :39, dro back pass, Siavii no push or pass rush gets stood up at line.

3rd, :17, Goalline, Siavii holds his ground against double team, back actually jumps over him, thats pretty amazing.

4th, : 10:53 Run right, tries to pusue the play but gets driven 4 yards off the line of scrimage.

4th, 9:25, drop back pass, Gets good push, Hatcher gets sack,  QB could not step up and Siavii helped in that role.

4th, 8:50, shot gun screen, reads screen pass quickly pursues the play and makes tackle 10 yards down field.

4th, 8:02, screen pass, RB drops pass, Siavii read it quickly agian.

4th, 7:39, run up middle, left guard shoves Siavii past the right guard, AWFUL play for Siavii. 

4th, 6:57, drop back pass, gets a four yard push and stalls on the rush. 

4th, 6:15, run play off right tackle, turns his back to the center and gets driven 5 yards, sigh!!!!

4th, 5:25, drop back pass, Siavii plays patty cake with center, he is swating his hands but not really doing much, I think hes trying to look busy but not really do anything, he looks tired. 

4th, 4:43, wildcat run, guard just slings Siavii to the ground, pathetic.

4th, 1:51, Pass play, Siavii shucks the centers hands and goes right by him, he lets up as he gets to the QB, almost like he didn't want to hurt him. Siavii should have had a sack at the 1.

4th, 1:46, Siavii stunts and trips over the DE. He falls to the ground.

4th, 1:40, pass play, Ha ha they block Siavii with a tripple team but fail to block just about everyone else. The only person they attempt to block is siavii!

4th, 1:30, Siavii, initally stunts but see's the back slip ot of the backfield, he slides to the back, very nice recognition.

4th, 1:24, Siavii pulls the center to the left giving Bobby a clean lane to blits through, subtle but nice.

4th, 1:16, Siavii attempts to shuck the center it does not work he gets stoop up on the line, no pass rush on pass play.

4th, :54, pass play, Siavii gets good push and almost swats ball down, he does a good jub of getting into the passing lane but mistimes his jump.

4th, :42, Splits double team and gets pressure on the QB,

4th, :38, shoots a gap and the RB goes to the othe side of center, i think he did his job but the linebacker failed to fill the other gap.


Through three preseason games Siavii has been fairly consistant until this week against single teams beating them regurly. The left guard of San Fran was a beast and even threw Siavii to the ground once. 

Siavii has some of the worst plays I've seen him have in this game. He had a series of plays that he was just awful being pushed around badly. I'm a little more worried now than I was a week ago. He still had some good plays where he stood the double teams up and even split and beat one. 


I was hoping for more this game. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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