Doug Free, play by play, preseason 49ers

Doug Free's play by play for the preseaon game aginst the 49ers.

3rd, 11:17, drop back pass, no one to block, helps with DT late.

3rd, 11:15, run off right guard, Doug drives DE 3 yards before Choice gets to the line of scrimage. (notice Gurode is playing center) big run play.

3rd, 10:40, Shotgun pass, the 49ers show a crazy line up, the DE lines up 5 yards outside of Doug's shoulder, a linebacker lines up right over Doug and when the play starts the DE drops into Coverage and the DT stunts all the way around. Doug figurs it out and blocks the DT but I don't know how he knew he was coming. 

3rd, 9:51, Power I, Run off right guard, Doug has to block the defensive end who is lined up on his inside shoulder, extremly poor play design but Doug makes the block by cutting the DE off. Pure athleticism to make this block. 

3rd, 9:14, play action pass/screen, Doug shoves the DE so hard he runs into Phillips who is lined up beside McQuistan at Right Tackle, Very strong block.

3rd, 9:07, Shotgun, Doug drops the DE to one knee with a punch. 

3rd, ?:??(did not write the time down), 2 TE set, Doug gets a double team on the DT and Phillips gets the DE by himself, it aint pretty. poorly designed play, Doug does his job and he and the guard make block easily.

3rd, 6:35, draw play, Doug turns his man outside.

3rd, 6:15 shotgun, Doug picks up blitzing safety and pancakes him.

3rd, :02 Run outside doug, turns his man inside and drives him over bodies and to the ground.

4th, 15:00 drop back pass, Doug picks up delayed blitzing linebacker, Choice pops the linebacker and Doug lets him go. I don't know who is at fault, Doug, Choice, or even Kitna. maybe a screen that Kitna just held to long? 

4th, 14:14, Play action pass, Doug is helped by the play action and blocks his man easily.

4th, 14:08, Shotgun draw, Doug gets driven back slightly but his guy is out of the play.

4th, 13:35, Play action roll out (bootleg), Doug and hooland double DE, easy block .

4th, 12:54 Shotgun Draw, Doug turns DE outside and out of play.

4th, 12:22, run off left guard, Doug turns De outside, out of play,

4th, 11:48, Run off righ guard, doug pancakes the DE,

4th, 11:25, Run over center, Turns the DE outside and for some strange reason grabs him from behind after the play is well down the field. That would have been a rally stupid hold if called.

4th, 7:44, Quick out away from doug, his man gets no presure

4th, 3:49, 3:49 shotgun pass, DE attempts to bull rush, Doug stones him where he stands.

4th, 3:34 drop back pass, DE attempts to bull rush, Doug stones him at the line again.

4th, 3:13, Shotgun pass, Doug has a DE lined up on of him and an OLB outside of him, he blocks the OLB and Holland blocks the DT, the DE goes untouched up the middle, Kitna throws the ball to Stanback too early, It looks like Stanback ran a poor rout but it was a problem in the blocking.

4th, 3:09, Drop back pass, Doug bounces back and forth in support of Holland and Phillips in pass protection. 

4th,kitna drops snap

Did not do the last thre plays but will say Doug had no problem blocking his man.


I know it's only three preseson games but we could not have hoped for more than Doug has done. He has given up 1 pressure and 0 sacks, has pancaked people left and right and when called on to do so and driven guys out of the hole when run behind. He is really good at blocking the speed rush and is a very smart player (pointing out blitzes and recgnizing blitzes). He was called for one penalty that belonged to Proctor. Left tackle is not a problem.


At first I thought Doug should start but Flo has been playing pretty good so I'm happy either way. Flo will have to lose the job or get hurt but Free is ready. He will have the growing pains only experience can stop. I think he's a downgrade to Flo at this point but I think he's really close to being really good. 

Doug has a strong punch that made the guy in Oakland just quit, he dropped the DE this week to a knee, Doug wears on a guy and gets stronger as the game goes on. 


The only thing that gives me any reserves about Doug is he gets bull rushed. I hear people say it's because of strength but he destroys guys in the run game and drives them ll over the field. Is that not strength too?  I think he lacks leverage or junk in the trunk? The bullrush problem is overstated as it only occassionally happens. 

Is he ready for the likes of which he will face in the east? Yea, I think he's close. 

LT is not a problem.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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