Back From The Future

Boy what a ride that was. I just came back from 02-7-2010, and I gotta tell ya all about the year the Cowboys had.

It all started on 9-13-2009 in Tampa where the BOYS demolished the Bucs 37 to 6. TONY  threw for 368 yds & 4 tds.

FELIX ran for 128 yds on 17 carries, ROY had 142 yds recieving & 3 tds.

The next week those Gnats came down from the Meadowlands to open our new home with us, and boy were they wonderful guest. The BOYS broke in their new home with a 23 to 13 win, with MARION rumbling for 163 yds & 2 tds.

Week 3 Carolina came a callin and a leavin after being romped 38 to 10. TONY again goes for over 300 yds & 3 tds.

Week 4 Saw the boys win a tough one in Denver, were the DEFENSE stole the show as the BOYS won 12 to 6, thanks to a SCANDRICK pick 6 and RATLIFFS safety.

Week 5 The BOYS rolled to a 27 to 12 victory over the Chiefs. WITTEN was the star with 2 tds & 153 recieving yds

Week 7 We stayed undefeated by a last second 54 yd field goal by FOLK to beat a strong Falcon team 26-24

Week 8 TONY does it again 421 yds & 4 tds, one each for MARTY, WITTEN, FELIX, & ROY, as the BOYS beat the Seahawks 31-17.

Week 9  It was payback time, TONY throws for another 316, and FELIX runs for 212 yds on 21 carries. Final score BOYS 27 E-GALS 9 ( McNabb benched at half time after the eagle fans chant WE WANT VICK).

Week 10 A freak snow storm puts an end to our udefeated season as we lose 17- 13 to the Pack in Lambeau.

Week 11 The BOYS get back to their winning ways as they beat the Skins 35-20. Once more TONY steals the show throwing for 356 yds & 3 tds. ROY gets 2 of them.

Week 12 What a wonderful THANKSGIVING as the BOYS make Turkeys out of the Raiders by stuffing them 46-10, TONYS up to his Thanksgiving magic, throwing for 5 more tds & 396 yds.

Week 13 In a rainy windy Giants stadium the BOYS fall to the G-men 12-10.

Week 14 It was the FELIX the CAT show, 3 rushing tds, 235 yds rushing & 1 td recieving (84yds), as the BOYS beat the Chargers 28-10. After the game WADE announces that FELIX will be the starting RB from here on out.

Week 15 A very strong Saints team beats the BOYS 35-31.

Week 16 The BOYS lose 2 games in a row for the first time as a desperate Skins team beats the BOYS 27-24 in O.T. to stay 1 game up in the wild card race at 9-6.

Week 17 The BOYS needed this game to stay undefeated in their new home, and clinch 2nd seed & a bye for the next week, and they did'nt let any of us down as they hand the E-gals a 23-13 defeat. Would'nt you know TONY throws for another 340 yds, and FELIX runs for 170.

So the final NFC East standings were

COWBOYS        12-4                                                                                                                                                                 

REDSKINS        10-6

EAGLES               7-9

GIANTS                6-10

Aftter the bye the BOYS faced that tough Falcon team in the divisional round, and treated them very rudely to the sound of a 38-17 beating. TONY  318 yds 3 tds.

Well then came that NFC Championship game in NEW ORLEANS that the BOYS lost on a last second td pass by Drew Brees to Marcus Colston, the final score SAINTS 27 COWBOYS 24. But man what a great season it was, I only hope it was just an appetizer for next year when we can play host in the SUPER BOWL. I can't wait so I'm off to SEPTEMBER 2010  to watch that season.


The SAINTS won the SUPER BOWL 31-28 over the COLTS.







Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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