10 Random Thoughts - Week #1


  1. Always nice to get the first win, especially on the road.


  1. It took exactly one game for us to see significant improvement in our Special Teams play.


  1. I have a feeling that DeMarcus Ware will sign on the dotted line this week after the injury he suffered early in the game... I know that I was holding my breathe for a while!


  1. Garrett’s Accountability - We are paying this guy $3MM to run our offense and we look like a freaking 5th grade Pee-Wee team at times trying to line-up.  How is Romo suppose to read the defense and make adjustments at the line-of-scrimmage when his teammates can’t even get lined up until there is 5 second left on the play clock?  It’s really embarrassing.


  1. Romo’s Cadence - We are continually snapping the ball the ball as the play clock is winding down, giving out offensive linemen no advantage coming off the ball and zero chance at drawing the defense offsides.  Not to mention Gurode not being able to make protection calls to his line mates.


  1. Garrett’s Playcalling – Yeah, Romo & Co. lit up the secondary in the second half, but I wasn’t impressed.  We were up 20-7 with the 3rd quarter winding down and Garrett is calling spread formations with minimal protections that had Romo running for his life and ultimately making poor throws.  With a 20-7 lead we should be running plays out of balanced formations and keeping our opponent honest.  Anyone know what our pass/run ratio is with the lead?


  1. The penalties – Couple of killers again this week with Sensabaugh’s slight jersey pull before Jenkins interception and Flo’s personal foul.  I don’t want to be a homer, but it always seems like we get the ticky-tacky calls against us, yet so many clear penalties by the opponent always seems to go uncalled.


  1. The Bucs offensive line doesn’t get much press, but they have been assembling some pretty good players over the last few years.  I thought they might give us some trouble, but the effort from our front seven was extremely disappointing.  It was almost as bad as the Ram’s game last year.


  1. Roy Williams made some nice catches today.  Forget the great TD catch & run; I was very happy to see him working well with Romo on the short and intermediate routes as the primary target.  If he gets that monkey off his back, he might even be a step faster!  =)


  1. If is fair to call to call this a disappointing win?  Why is it that our offense always has to bail our defense out, but when our defense comes up big, our offense struggles to score?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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