Several Questions, some answers

One game does not make a season, but it sure can set the tone.Think for a minute of all the angst if DAL had lost yesterday with the Giants heading to town.

So a win is a win, even if it was stylistically challenged. Most importantly, by winning we avoid a lot of doubt and allow this team to form its identity without it. There's plenty of questions and we'll need some quick answers by SUN nite.

BTB, now my favorite place for DC info, has its own identity. Man, we are a neurotic bunch. I am typically texting 2 other die-hard fans and my son while watching and can't blog live. But how I enjoy reading the game threads, now so huge they are almost undigestable, afterward with the knowledge of what happened. It typically progresses from:

Yay - Let's go - Uh oh -  WTF to(inevitably he/they/we)suck. Back to Yay, - allright etc, etc.. Yesterday, the naysyaers would not give it up even when the game was decided. Hence the style issues that must be addressed.

Here's my $.02:

- So are we still a quick-strike O or methodical? Seems as long as Garrett/Romo are calling the shots, we already know the answer. But Romo's continuous refrain of 'we're taking what they give us,' looks accurate. Interested in the deeper analysis to see what TB was doing and what we exploited. I think this approach could explain our 'slow starts' on O - probing and assessing at the outset. I know all us armchair QB's prefer an aggressive approach, but we got plenty aggressive when the time was right

- ST play was downright refreshing, good to not fear the kick of a ball by either team in any direction(T New punt catching the exception). BTW - I can't see any rational Cowboy fan busting on Crayton for kicking a lose ball out of bounds, but there were several. Reduced Penalties are welcome as well, but still happen at critical times(negating an Int, and Flo's personal foul, which I still haven't seen). Remains to be seen if this is a sustainable trend.

- Defensive play and WP's response reminded me of the big comeback win in DET 2 years ago. Wade got crossed up schematically when DET ran and it took us most of the game to get some stops. Against TB, the combination of 3 quick strike TD's during Q 2-3 while the D figured out a way to stop the Bucs on 4 straight possessions broke the game open for us. Why are we not more flexible? Can't we defend more than 1 thing at a time?

- Newcomers. Looks like Buhler, Brookings, Sensi and Igor all contributed, pretty much in that order. I know Butler played, but didn't notice anything special . I even had a B Carp sighting(newcomer to regular play), but feel his contribution was more of a push than anything. Is the absence of a negative a positive?

As for the grand opening next week, I hope the media continues to put NY in the SB as the did with us at this time last year. I was not as impressed. A very exceptional defensive play-strip-recover-score really was the difference-maker. I am hopeful a much more familiar foe will restore some normalcy to what we didn't like this week, especially for our D.

My biggest concerns lie in injuries - especially Sensabaugh. Did Jenkins hurt his wrist/hand? And it looks like Romo just tweaked his ankle.

All in all this is going to be a good week, savoring a win maybe 1 more day and then a buildup to what will be a frenzy by game time. Like our Boys, one game, one series, one play at a time.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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