Thoughts from around the league after Sunday...

I originally posted this in another fanpost, but was asked to move it here for others to comment on.

Here are my ten random thoughts, not all of them Cowboy-centric.

1. This is why we as fans have lost respect for the media. I read multiple articles before the game about Tampa Bay’s lack of talent on offense, and saw that opinion reinforced by both pregame shows. Then I look at their roster and I see the names Cadillac Williams, Derrick Ward, Ernest Graham, Antonio Bryant, Mark Clayton, Kellen Winslow Jr, and Jeremy Stevens staring back up at me, and I wonder what these people are smoking. Admittedly, many of those players have various issues attached to their names, but a lack of talent isn’t one of them. It was pretty clear to me that if they could get decent QB play, the way they did yesterday, they would be able to score points.

But even after the game they played, the first thing I heard on CBS afterwards was Shannon Sharpe saying that we’ll see how good Dallas really is next week, because “Tampa Bay doesn’t have much.”

Le sigh.

2. Speaking of sighs, has any QB coming off a 6-10 season ever been fawned over the way Aaron Rodgers was on Sunday? At least half the early Super Bowl picks had the Packers playing for the championship, apparently vaulting over the (lemme count) one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, (wait for it…) twelve teams in the NFC that finished with a better record than them in 2008.

Oh yeah, and Rodgers is going to win MVP.

And to think, all they needed to beat the Bears in their opener at home was for Jay Cutler to play the worst game of his life, and Brian Urlacher to miss the entire second half with a dislocated wrist.

3. Why is it when everybody else runs for 180 yards against Cleveland, it’s because they can’t tackle to save their lives, but when Adrian Peterson does it, he’s just that awesome?

4. I took a good, hard look at Philly’s offensive numbers in their 38-10 win, and they’re not nearly as impressive as you think. 267 total yards (102 passing on 17 of 29, 2.6 ypa). They ran the ball reasonably well, but mostly that game struck me of Jake Delhomme rotting like a cow carcass in the sun.

5. I think people are finally starting to figure out that Matt Shaub is really a backup, not a franchise QB. The clock is now ticking on Matt Cassel. Luckily, he’s taken a cue from Shaub and gotten himself injured, which improves shelf life.

6. People in NO shouldn’t be celebrating the fact that Drew Brees threw 6 TD passes against Detroit. They should be worried that they turned the ball over three times and the Lions hung 27 points on them.

7. NBC should have thrown giant bags of money at Moose Johnston to get him to come and do color for Sunday Night Football. He’s head and shoulders over everyone else in the business, but it feels like no one notices. It’s hard being a fullback.

8. Julius Jones had 117 yards and a touchdown against St. Louis. No, seriously.

9. Jason Campbell might not ever become a Pro Bowl QB, but he deserves better than being a placeholder in Washington, until Daniel Snyder sees another shiny passer he can’t live without.

10. LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Eli Manning’s career record head-to-head against Tony Romo is 1-4. Admittedly, the one win was in the playoffs, but I have a nasty habit of pointing that out to the people who think that Eli has somehow established himself as the best QB in the NFC. Another little known fact is that the two of them have identical December records over the last two years (3-5).



Something I noticed as I was reposting this was that most of the things that stuck out at me were fairly negative.  Even after a solid opening win by the Cowboys, I was mostly concerned with how bad the defense played, and wondering how good a game Romo could have had if he hadn't made so many mistakes early.


I was starting to wonder if I wasn't becoming a little callous in my old age (28, for those counting at home), until I remembered that it was week one, and everyone is supposed to be bad.  I honestly didn't see one player or team who made me sit up and take notice.  Even Mark Sanchez in the Jets game looked more or less like a decent rookie QB, who was lucky enough to end up on a team with talent around him.  Peterson, as I mentioned, was playing against the Browns, which doesn't count.


Big Ben put up good yardage numbers in an ugly game, but personally, I felt like Tennessee was due to fall back to Earth this year anyway.  The Eagles looked scary, but not if you look too close, and the Giants have taken a step back after shedding three playmakers (Ward, Plax, and Toomer).  I actually defended Eli several times before the rest of the world fell in love with him (he really owes about half his contract to Asante Samuel and Patrick Crayton, who's huge blown plays led directly to his Super Bowl win), but if New York is planning to ride his arm and Jacobs' target-covered knees to another 12-win season, they've got another thing coming.


Miami took a step back, as I thought they might, playing against Atlanta, who needs to show me they have staying power before I'll put much stock in them.  Indy is still Indy, and anyone who tells you different is selling something.  The number of places I've seen them picked to miss the playoffs is astounding, and unreasonable.  They still have Peyton and Reggie, which means they will still win 11+ games.


Imagine if you will, that San Diego had somehow been teleported to the east coast.  Could you stomach the media coverage of that circus?  Just the breakdowns of when LT and Philip Rivers sit next to each other on the bench would be enough to drive me to sucide.  Someone might even find time to report the fact that Norv Turner has won a few playoff games over the last two years, but I doubt it.


Anyway, there's one surefire way to beat the sloppy football blues.  Watching Tom Brady throw to Randy Moss.  Love em or hate em, it's still a thing of beauty, or at least it was when we last left off.  Healing from a knee injury tends to take the zip off your fastball.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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