Secondary Once Again Ruins The Night (Overall thoughts)

Everyone wanted to point fingers at the run defense against Tampa, but what concerned me the most was that Byron Leftwich looked like a Pro Bowler against our secondary. I feared it would carry over to tonight and what do you know, we get torched all game long by the Giants.

"We have 3 great corners" is the company (and fan) line. I'm sorry, but we do not. Terence Newman is not even close to a great corner and Scandrick got his fair share of lumps tonight. Jenkins doesn't know how to play jam at all and as was pointed out in the telecast, doesn't know when to look for a slant on a critical blitz down. Our secondary on the whole is garbage from what I've seen of them this season. Hamlin is quickly becoming one of those players I just hate to see take the field and Sensabaugh is ok from what I've seen.

DeMarcus Ware was quiet all preseason and everyone said "it's ok, it's Ware we're talking about." Well how about now after two games can we be concerned? 0 sacks from him and what's worse is 0 sacks from the entire team. Wade's crutch that "sacks eliminate some turnover opportunities" is also falling apart since we have 0 turnovers as well. Spencer played the run well I thought tonight (as did Ware) but no one can seem to get to the QB before he can throw it away.

Overall, our defense is just miserable thus-far. I simply knew that the Giants would end up driving down and winning the game because that's just what always happens. Anytime we face a competent offense our games simply come down to which team has the ball last to go ahead and win it (assuming Romo doesn't throw the game away before that).

Speaking of Romo, for all the great things he did Week 1, he did twice as many bad things this week. The Witten ball will be brushed off as not his fault but you know what? He needs to hit Witten in the hands on that pass. That should be an easy throw all night long and he just totally screwed it up. Then he hearkens back to the Ravens game by throwing jump balls into triple coverage. Give me a break. Tony, I love you man, but tonight's performance was unacceptable. Miserably inaccurate throughout and boneheaded decisions make a terrible return.

I thought Jason Garrett did a great job on the playcalling tonight. That said, my one complaint is that he kept relying on Romo for too long. He finally said "time to run the ball" and it was fantastic. If he started that a couple drives sooner we win the game I think. Overall, very strong performance by him I thought. Felix looked bad as a kick returner for the most part, but he showed his usual burst on offense a few times. Good to see but he needs to get more involved in the passing game. MartyB as well.

I'm glad we played the Giants closely, because they are a great team. But I just want to pull my hair out because I know that we could've very easily won this game by multiple scores if Romo plays better and the defense doesn't just look putrid.

Great stadium, great game (entertainment-wise), but unless we fix the problems that popped up, we will not finish better than 8-8 this year. The pass defense is just simply terrible and the pass rush isn't there for some reason. Without either of those, it will be a long season.

BTW No false starts (or holding I believe) on Flo tonight. He played very well and even managed to take Tuck out of the game. I was overall pleased with his performance. Wasn't great, but was solid.

Jerry: Trade Newman and get a real #1 CB. Guy is made of glass and just gets burnt at least once a game nowadays it seems.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm just so upset with how this team played tonight. They played tough, but there were just too many bad things that, if fixed, would've earned us a huge win.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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