Let's revisit that old fanpost of mine now Raphael....

I wish I did not have to write this, since as a cowboy fan, I want nothing more than victory. But your remarks Raphael have brought me to revisit that old post of mine, and the things you wrote there. I hate saying "I told you so", but you did not even acknowledge a basic understanding of the argument that post brings up with your abrupt response. It's not like I'm some newcomer in writing here at BTB. Let me remind you now of the post if you've forgotten it....


Name of post? "Who would you blame if Tashard Choice isn't used Correctly?", and here is what I wrote in my intro to that post....

"Myself, I would put blame on Jason Garrett if the running game isn't used correctly. I know he is a passing type OC, but even he must get excited over a fierce run. So if he can't figure it out, then so be it. If he can, than the Cowboys offense will be lethal."


And for writing that post, what kind of response did I get from you?

  "So you're ready to throw stones...

if the THIRD RUNNING BACK — and as much as I like him, Tashard is the 3rd back — isn’t used properly.

Step back and take a look at your threat. You’re ready to go thermonuclear if the team isn’t building game plans around the 3rd back.

So what’s “misusing him?” Why don’t you define what “using him properly” means before you go painting targets on people’s heads.

What’s proper use? How many carries per game? How many catches? How many touches?"


This response to my post was written by you on april 18, 2009. I'm still at a loss for words over your response, but I am even at more a loss for words over Garretts playcalling tonight. Maybe your not even remotely understanding of NFC east rules of victory that used to exist during Aikman's era, as well as Staubach's, but I'll remind you since I watched our team all throughout the Cowboys Super Bowl history:

Run the ball, and stop the run.

If that rule can be followed, then the passing game will be there., as well as the victory. Nowadays, It seems like all the new Cowboy fans have fallen into a cycle of believeing that the pass will bail us out. That it will bring victory.

I am on record as being against that kind of thinking. The run is the real cure.The Cowboys pass offense is overrated grossly in my opinion. Add to the insult that Garrett doesn't seem like he makes any attempts to set up the pass against big-time defenses like the Giants by even showing run, and I counted a few times that no RB was even in that backfield. I'm sorry to say, but that is just stupid against the Giants Raphael. It will be stupid if it continues against Philly, Balt, Steelers, and any other of the top defenses.

No, just this blind adoration and fixation on "everything" will be allright if we pass. Too many times tonight, with wide open running lanes after a fake handoff, it seemed like the RB would have gotten at least 20 yards if he would have gotten the handoff.

In my book, if a defense gives you running lanes, and stacks the pass D, then you run on them ALL DAY until they prove they can stop it. It's the same story as the Pittsburgh game last year.

One thing even YOU can't argue is that if we would have had alot of screens and runs, it would have set up play action beautifully and gotten us our highly desired "passing" yards, but most of all negated most of our turnovers, as well as negated at least 27 of the Giants 33 points.

The saddest thing is our defense- Wade will be blamed for the loss because he is the HC, but here is the real question- Does Wade have the power to override Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett to get a different Offensive Coordinator if he wants, or is he still just a lame-duck HC that has no say so in fixing our team? Even the biggest idiot on the planet can see that our offensive playcalling was a joke. The defense had to contiinually keep us in the game.

And just what is it that this offensive coordinator needs to see to learn what to do? This Giants game was a repeat of last years loss, as well as the playoff loss the year before. He calls the game like he has had no experience playing the Giants before EVER.

If this offensive coordinator continues to not revolve the offense around the run, How many years of this do we need to see before we make a change? Yes, I'll say it- just because we had success last week against Tampa Bay through the air does indeed mean that we should have gone into this game looking to kill the Giants on the ground, because the good coaches morph the game plan to suit the opponent.

And now finally Raphael, my response to your response to my post. How much should we use Tashard Choice? Alot more than we did obviously. Take away 50 percent of our passes and run the ball, with Tashard Choice, with Felix, Deon Anderson, MB3, and Wah-Lah, A Cowboy Victory!

Tashard Choice may be our best RB option to run AND recieve the ball out of the backfield.

But by the time the Cowboy coaches realize it, our season may be to late to salvage.

Now, being forced to use Tashard if MB3 is hurt, we may get to see an explosive offense.

Maybe Emmitt was right about us winning 7 games. If Garrett continues this playcalling, that is possible

You may be the editor here Raphael, but quit acting like your god and strike out when someone's opinion doesn't jive with your own. In this instance, my assesment was right on the money and I called it like I saw it. A victory like this one will elude us again and again unless Garrett starts using his head rather than be staunch and hardheaded about the pass. I personnally don't believe he is capable. The second Redskins game last year was what I expected this game: Kill the Giants with the run, But don't give them the ball. What did I get instead? I don't care what Troy Aikman say's about Garrett. The Cowboys have a winning history that dwarfs Aikman.

Garrett's infactuation with the pass falls right into Tony Romo's gunslinger attitude, and that makes for a bad cocktail. Some teams you have to pass alot and run less. The way the Giants played, it was almost like they begged us to run the ball all over them, and we didn't. They abandoned playing stiff run D to pass cover.

How could Romo throw the ball right to Kenny Phillips? easy, Jason Garrett called that pass play and Romo did not react to seeing the safety so deep, and he just believed the play was there. irregardless of what he saw. Too many times it seemed like the Giants shifted the D right to where Romo was gonna throw at the last second.

We must accept reality that teams now are gonna know our achilles heal- our OC infactuation with forcing the pass.

How does the run game sound to you now Raphael, after the "Victory that wasn't"?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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