Felix , Tashard and the run Dilemma

In an embarassment of riches, the Cowboys do have a "run" dilemma. How do they keep all 3 of the heads of the monster satiated? I'm worried about that very much, because we have what other teams don't. Another issue at hand about the "run" dilemma is just how much to use the run versus the pass. Against the Giants, alot of people such as myself feel we did not run enough. The Giants seemed to know our pass plays before we knew we were going to run them. Mysterious, isn't it? Hmmmm?

Was the offense in formations that obviously flagrantly gave away our playcall, and gave the Giants a red flashing alert signal saying "Pass over to there"? The first Romo interception was a little freaky, because the Giants defense against the pass on that play looked too good.

After my mind has settled down here from the frustration of watching my beloved team fall to the Giants again, I started pondering that play a little bit. I wanted to start asking myself questions about what to do offensively to throw the Giants defensive reads off, and this is what I came up with.

I wonder if Jason Garrett has ever considered putting Tashard Choice out there with Felix Jones at the same time.

But if he put both of them out there, couldn't he show the Giants that same formation that made them think "pass to that side", then dump it off to either Tashard or Felix to the other side for a screen?

The Giants defense is fast though. A short pass like that is almost like a run, and it's safer than the forced passes Tony took down the field.

I'm not saying it would work, but it's worth a try. Just in general though, showing pass then going screen or run, has that even been tried?

In any event, Tashard is lethal in his own right, and something else about him- he is a Giant killer. He is always making big plays against them. He had 2 first downs in our second posession that were nice plays. But he didn't get into the game too much after that. We need to use this guy more. What a dilemma. and We haven't even brought up Barber yet......

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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