I'd rather we look bad early than look bad late


We all know the issues the Cowboys need to improve on.

1.  Romo's INTs.  Romo has said he's going to cut down on his turnovers.  And so far, he's at least looking better at handling the ball and cutting down on fumbles.  But he laid an egg against the Giants and needs to do much better.

2.  Pass coverage.  This is the other reason we lost the Giants' game.  Newman, Scandrick, and Jenkins didn't get it done against the G-men.  And they were fairly well torched the previous game against Tampa too. 

3.  Forcing turnovers.  I'd say this is even more important than generating sacks.  It probably won't come, however, until the coverage is better and the pressure improves.

4.  Generating pressure.  No sacks in 2 games after leading the league.  Wade's got to figure this one out. 

5.  Stopping the run.  Very bad against Tampa.  Very good against the Giants. 

6.  Catching the ball.  The WRs were wide open against Tampa, but gained nothing against the Giants.  More consistency is needed.

7.  Running the ball.  Tremendous game against the Giants.  OK game against Tampa.  Could use more consistency if teams start stacking the box. 

The point I want to make in this post is that I think all of these problems are correctable over the course of the season with the players we currently have on the team.  And I thnk it may be a good thing to get a wake-up game like the one against the Giants early to keep the team from getting complacent and thinking they've got if figured out.  This is a team that to be successful is going to have to improve every week. 

No one should care where we rank on offense or defense over the course of the season.  The only thing that should matter is how we play each game, and have we improved. 

We've got young guys in the secondary who are likely to get better.  We've got a prideful veteran CB who knows how to step up his game.  We have an experienced DC at head coach who knows how to make adjustments to get pressure on QBs.  We've got a QB who has played plenty of great games, and has more often than not won them. 

There's no guarantees that this team will come together and get stronger as the season goes on, unlike the Cowboys teams of recent vintage.  But I think some early adversity could be better than getting off to a start where the team thinks it has already arrived, only to find out in December that the teams that keep improving are now better than us. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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