Trained by "The Playmaker" to be "A Playmaker"

Now it is just a phrase and I won't even begin to compare Jesse Holley to Michael Irvin.  But, you have to admit, it looks like a little bit of the playmaker has rubbed off onto Jesse "Hollywood" Holley.  I watched the entire preseason hoping that at some point this boy would be able to come in and make a play, he had shown some flashes, but hadn't made a REAL play until tonight against the Vikings

Personally I believe that Holley deserves a spot over Isaiah Stanback.  Stanback may be very athletic, yes, but he hasn't made any plays.  The only place they might use him is in the Return game, but face it, Felix Jones and Miles Austin are ahead of him on that and I think Kevin Ogletree looked better on kickoff returns as well.  He hadn't made any plays making catches either.  However, Holley on the other hand, made sure to make at least something happen or just come down with the ball EVERY time it came his way, which was only 4 times.  And here they are:


1st play - Vs. Titans - A Titans defender tips a pass which then bounces into Holley's helmet and then up in the air.  A herd of defenders is swarming around the ball but somehow, amongst all of the commotion, Holley still manages to come up with the ball, turning a potential interception into a positive gain.

2nd play - Vs. Vikings - Holley makes a nice leaping grab for a first down to move the chains forward.

3rd play - Vs. Vikings - Holley receives a lateral pass and makes the first guy miss to get a decent 7 yard gain.

4th play - Vs. Vikings - Holley makes the defense pay for their mistake of not stopping the ball from moving back upfield by grabbing it and returning it 82 yards to the house.  This is potentially one of the greatest/rarest plays in football history as it doesn't often occur that someone gets to return a punt for a touchdown to take the lead and win the game.  This was the play I had waited all season for out of Holley and it happened at the very end.


I think that this justifies Holley getting a position ahead of Isaiah Stanback on the Cowboys final 53-man roster.  I will be real though that he still has his mistakes and if you didn't notice, Holley was a part of BOTH punt returns for touchdowns that game as Holley missed the initial hit but failed to bring down the Vikings' returner on the Punt that they returned for a touchdown.  He still has some work to do but he has made some nice tackles in other games.  No one is perfect.  Also Manny Johnson makes a very interesting case for making the team as he has had his fair share of great catches in camp and in games to showcase his great hands.

I have stated my case that I believe Holley is worth seeing over Stanback but I also want to see what all of you think.  So please, make a vote on the poll.  Another fact to keep in mind is that Holley was pushed harder in 4th and Long than any player is ever pushed by their coaches in the NFL and came through with no injuries as well as making it through the entire preseason without missing a single moment because of injury.  Thus far he has proved much more durable and tougher than Stanback. 

Nothing against Stanback, I wish the best for him, but you must pick the more productive player and Holley thus far has proved to be much more promising than keeping Stanback in my eyes.  It seems that some of "The Playmaker" has rubbed off onto Jesse Holley, although he still has a lot to learn and do.  Giving him a roster spot and a chance to do more is what he needs and deserves.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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