There is a lot of Cowboy hate going around these days. USA today gives us a C-, Tim Caloshaw says were no better than third in our own division, and Emmitt smith gives a laundry list of why we will go 7-9 and John Claytons revelation that the Cowboys are going to come in last in the division. Why?


I ask why not? We are after all unproven. But there is hope!

Last year alone is key, the Falcons were picked to be a train wreck with the Owner even going on TV and asking the fans to be patient they were rebuilding. I find it funny John Clayton was animated that the Falcons were the worst team in all of football. He honestly believed the Falcons may not win a game. HaHa its kindof funny he almost got it right, just the wrong team. 

How about the Dolphins? Again Clayton picks them to come in last, or at least fight with the Bills for that honor. 

Or the Eagles, yea it was a general consencus that the Eagles would be fighting the Redskins for the basement. Just in case everyone forgot, the redskins did sweep the eagles last year. most everyone had written the Eagles off for dead but here they are. 

Where did Tennessee start the power rannkings? There some pundits claiming that Jacksonville had finally taken over the division and the Colts would come in second. There were even some who thought the Texans were the flavor of the month. Very few people even mentioned Tennessee as a posibility. They were at the lower part of the middle of the power rankings (just about where we are right now). 

There was also the Cardinals, I must admit I heard thier name mentioned somewhere for the playoffs, once. Noone thought they would be going to the superbowl!

And lets not forget the Dallas Cowboys were going to win it all! (sigh), if only the pundits knew what they were talking about. 

The point to this lesson is this, these bozos only believe what they see, and the eyes decieve you. Wade keeps saying "this years team" and "no team is the same from one year to the next". If the pundits really wanted to impress me tell me whats going to happen by what has changed, not what happenned last year! 

What does it mean to us? Well the Redskins could roaring out of the basement sand send us to a 7-9 season just like they say or we could just as easily go 13-3(just like the Titans).  To understand what is going on you have to be able to understand one simple thing, "this years team". Not last years. That goes for all 32 teams!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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