Redemption, at last

After the 44-6 drubbing last year, I was shocked and upset that Wade was not fired.  I was ready for JJ to blow up the team as I felt absolutely sick at how last season ended.  When he and Wade said "We'll fix our mistakes and make this team better", I laughed to myself and prepared for another season of futility.

Now I sit here with a feeling of pure euphoria, stunned that Wade and JJ did exactly what they said they were going to do.  They cut the fat from the team, added team-first players and coaches from FA and the Dallas Cowboys have at last found redemption.

Tony Romo, who has matured into one of the finest QBs in the game is playing like the QB we'd always hoped he would become.  Huge props to our beloved Terry who never once wavered in his faith of the young QB.  This kid is playing at an incredibly high level and I was so happy for him to get a W in the playoffs and get all the haters off his back.

Miles saved the season and even Roy W. got into the act last night.  If he can just catch the ball when he is targeted, this offense becomes even scarier.

This defense is sick, with so many playmakers that even Carpenter is getting into the act.  It felt amazing to see him, James, Ware and T-New play great games along with the next generation with Spencer, Jenkins and Rat.  Old man Brooking is the Godfather of the defense and they seem to have that perfect mix of young talent and veteran savvy.

I have been waiting so long for a game like last night that I almost felt like I lost my virginity.  Just an incredible performance and I'm so happy for Wade, Jerry and all the guys that made this happen.

I'm going to call last night the "Bandwagon Beatdown" because now that the boys have stomped the iggles for the trifecta and playoff W, all the pathetic eagle fans have left is to call us bandwagon or try to make fun of the fanbase.  Bring it losers, the Cowboys and their "bandwagon" fans just rolled all over your team with all its young playmakers and veteran QB.  Let me know how it feels to be a "true" fan of a turd.

Finally a huge shout out to Grizz, Raf and all you guys who make this blog so incredible.  I feel like we have all suffered together over the last few years and there is no place I'd rather celebrate this incredible victory then right here with you guys.

Bring on the Vikings and GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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