5 things the Cowboys need to do in the offseason

Coming off a loss like that, a person will do just about anything to take his mind off the butt whooping which was just administered to us.  So, let's toss around what needs to be improved on this club in order for the Cowboys to take that "next step".

My top 5:

5) Get a kicker who can make a meaningful field goal.  Draft 'em.  Sign 'em.  Just find 'em.

4) Get younger and more athletic on the offensive line.  I fanposted last week about what a great Cowboy Flozell has been, but if we're honest, it's time to find his replacement.  If it's Doug Free or someone else the offensive lines' rebuilding starts at left tackle.  We don't have a terrible line, but it's time to get younger.  Romo does not get a pass for his poor perfomance.  It was his worst game of the year; he didn't protect the ball like he had in the last eight weeks and the Cowboys lost because of it.  But this O-line was whipped by a more physical and dominant Defensive line and Romo was under pressure and getting hit all day.  The offensive line play must improve in its discipline, mobility, and strength.

3) Sign Gerald Sensabaugh and Miles Austin to long-term deals.  I know, I know: these are two guys who had bad games against Minny.   I know Sensabaugh got beat like a rug on the Rice play down the sidelines, but he's really shored up this pass defense and he's tough against the run.  Austin kind of disappeared for the game, but his breakout season is no fluke: this guy's a playmaker and we want him around for years.

2) Find a legit 2nd receiver.  Miles will draw more and more coverage now that he's an established threat.  We either have got to get Roy's game right or find someone who can do the job.  Crayton's better in the slot.  We can hope Ogletree continues to develop. I don't know here - this will be a very interesting story to follow going into the offseason.

1) Get a new head coach who can instill some mental toughness and discipline into a team which simply layed an egg against a Minnesota team which was beatable.   I give credit to Wade for making this defense into what it is, but we also have to assign him the blame an embarrassing loss.  If the game was close, I might understand, but this team quit. 

OK, now that I've vented, let's hear y'all's thoughts.  What did I miss?  Am I just overreacting with the Wade firing?

If the goal is to win the Super Bowl next year, and that will no doubt be the talk, what needs to happen?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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