Making the Cowboys Romo-friendlier


Congratulations Jerry, your Romo-friendly concept worked well.  Now please do not stop and continue to make the Cowboys even Romo-friendlier this off-season.


Unless there is an unforeseen firing (Oakland does not count), it seems that Garrett will remain with the Cowboys as the offensive coordinator.  Despite my reservations, keeping Wade will help continuity and give this team its best chance for success next season; but it would not hurt to bring in a defensive coordinator as a replacement for Wade if things do not work-out.


The way I see it, Martellus Bennett is a bigger version of Roy Williams: a large, fast receiver that needs time to get open.  I think Bennett has more upside and is about $6 million cheaper.


Baltimore, San Francisco, and Tennessee could all use a big receiver that could be a favorite target of their respective quarterback.  All of those teams may be willing to give-up a 2nd round selection for the rights to Roy Williams.


In 2009, Jerry noted that Owens needed to leave in order to permit Austin an opportunity to develop.  In 2010, Roy Williams needs to leave in order for Ogletree to develop.  Down the stretch, Romo looked for Ogletree just as much as he looked for Williams.


In addition, Jerry needs to change his draft strategy in 2010.  Unlike last season, Jerry needs to move up in the draft to get much needed offensive line help.  Dallas can move up to a top 15 selection of the draft by combining their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks.  The Cowboys could draft in the top 20 by sending their 1st and 2nd round pick to another team.  A 1st and a 3rd round pick could get Dallas to a top 25 pick.


There are three big-time left tackle prospects in the 2010 NFL draft: Russell Okung, Trent Williams, and my personal favorite, Anthony Davis, from Rutgers.  Davis may fall between the 15th and the 20th selection in the draft. 


If Anthony Davis falls beyond the 15th pick in the 2010 NFL draft, to truly be Romo-friendlier, Jerry must trade up to go get him.  Another great offensive lineman that may fall into the beginning of the second round because of his position (guard) is Mike Iupati.


I would suggest that if Iupati does not get picked within the first 32 players, that Jerry trade the Cowboys’ 2011 first round pick to get a selection at the top part of the second round.  I generally am extremely reticent to trade a future 1st round pick, especially when the value is near its minimum, but Mike Iupati has the looks of a guard that could be dominating opposing defensive tackles (like Kevin Williams) for many years to come.


Just as a draft geek aside, if Jerry can get a low second round pick for Roy, the Cowboys could combine their third round pick with a low second round pick and move up to the top of the second round.  If Jerry can harness his tremendous selling skills to trade Bobby Carpenter for anything more than a 4th round selection in the 2010 NFL draft, let him do so.  The extra pick would probably come in handy to seal the deal with a team such as San Francisco, Tennessee, or Atlanta.


Romo-friendly was a great idea in 2009.  Now the Cowboys need to be Romo-friendlier after the mauling in Minnesota on Sunday.  The drafting of the 6’ 6”, 330 pound Anthony Davis, and the 6’ 5”, 330 pound Mike Iupati from Idaho could solidify an aging left side of the Cowboys offensive line and keep Romo clean.


Cutting ones losses (and losing another $9 million) on a receiver that was a bad fit and getting a low second round pick to use as trade bait for one of the afore mentioned offensive linemen is a good deal.  Permitting a receiver that is explosive and has shown the ability to get open quickly (Ogletree) to get more repetitions in a game early next season will reap its rewards by November of 2010.


For a change, it would be nice to see the Cowboys have real position competitions based on merit, rather than contract status or seniority.  If Davis, Iupati, Ogletree, or even Doug Free are worthy of starting, my hope would be that the coaching staff and the general manager let the younger players play.


Home field advantage throughout the Super Bowl is on the line in 2010.  The time to be the Romo-friendliest is now!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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