Off-Season Moves: Offense / ST


I believe next year will be very advantageous for the Dallas Cowboys if it does in fact become an uncapped year.  I know there are some restrictions on who we can sign and for how much, but where the true advantage comes is getting younger.  Since there is no cap/floor for the team salary, the guaranteed money that gets accelerated will not hurt the team.  The beauty of this is that the majority of the guaranteed money is in the signing bonus.  This means Jerry Jones has already written the check, and the only money Jerry needs to pay if someone is traded or cut would be the non-signing bonus portion of the guaranteed money.  If I say trade/cut someone, I put the approximate cost to do so based on their contract.

I am not going to really talk about other Free Agents to target in this post, as I want to see who is on the UFA list before commenting.  I know there are some restrictions for Free Agents, but to be honest, it won’t limit us as much as some people believe.



  • Tony Romo – No changes
  • John Kitna – No changes.  Keep mentoring Romo & McGee
  • Stephen McGee – No changes.  Keep developing to replace Kitna by 2011
  • Draft – No reason to draft a QB at this stage.


  • Marion Barber – Trade Marion Barber (4 million max).  We should be able to pick up some draft picks or possibly a solid veteran in a position we need to get a little younger like Offensive Line or Inside Linebacker.  I think he is becoming a little injury-prone, and I am hoping that we can get some value out of him.
  • Felix Jones – No changes
  • Tashard Choice – No changes
  • Herb Donaldson (Practice Squad) – Never heard of him until looking at the roster.  Bring him back to camp to see if he can compete for PS next year.
  • Draft – Draft a RB in rounds 3-5.


  • Deon Anderson – He needs to go. (Cost < 100k max)  Too many large penalties this year, and we have a better "blocker" on our roster.
  • Draft – Unless there is a "stud" fullback left in the 7th round, wait until UDFA.

Tight Ends

  • Jason Witten – No changes
  • Martellus Bennett – I was surprised we didn’t trade him with the offer we received before the deadline.  Very little production this year, but I think with us favoring the 2 RB / 2 TE sets more this year, he should just continue to develop.  No reason to let him go.
  • John Phillips – "Move" him to the Fullback position (title only) as he is a better blocker and pass catcher than Deon Anderson.
  • Draft – Possibly draft in the later rounds, or bring in a UDFA.

Wide Receivers

  • Roy Williams – No changes.  He showed some flashes here and there, we just need to keep him as a large target for Romo in the End-Zone.
  • Miles Austin – Sign that boy to a long term deal
  • Patrick Crayton – No changes.  He has become better at Punt Returns, and is an awesome slot receiver.
  • Sam Hurd – Time to cut him loose. (No cost) I was expecting more from him this year, but Ogletree seems to be better on offensive, and just as good on Special Teams.
  • Kevin Ogletree – Just keep developing.  Should be the 4th receiver come next year (barring an injury or high draft pick on WR)
  • Manuel Johnson (Practice Squad) – Bring him back for training camp, and see what he can develop into.
  • Jesse Holley (Practice Squad) – Same as Manuel Johnson.  If he doesn’t develop into PS material, cut him.
  • Draft – I don’t see a reason to draft a WR this year, unless one drops way down to our pick.

Offensive Tackles

  • Flozell Adams – He needs to go now (2 million).  He is becoming a huge progress stopper.
  • Marc Columbo – I am on the fence with him.  Seeing as I want Flozell gone. I would expect Free to step in at LT.  With Brewster on the IR all season I am not sure if he can take over for Columbo.  I would say we need to keep him for one more year.  He had 8 million guaranteed on his contract, though not sure how much was bonus, so probably somewhere in the 4 million cost.
  • Doug Free – Your new starting LT.  If Brewster develops into a stud, possibly move Free over to RT.
  • Pat McQuistan – He needs to go (No cost).  Hasn’t developed into anything.
  • Robert Brewster – Keep developing / grooming him to replace Free or Columbo
  • Draft – This is the highest priority in my opinion.  Either Draft a stud LT in the first round, and move Free to RT (then cut Columbo), or draft someone to develop into next year.


  • Leonard Davis – No changes.
  • Kyle Kosier – No changes.
  • Montrae Holland – Needs to be let go (no cost).
  • Travis Bright (Practice Squad) – Have not heard much about him, but he looks to have the right size to replace Kosier.  Keep developing him to replace Kosier in the next two years.
  • Draft – Need to spend a quality pick (first three rounds) on a G / C to possibly replace Davis in the next two years.


  • Andre Gurode – No changes.  Made the Pro-Bowl on reputation only, but should still be a solid solution for next year.  We can bring in some competition for him at training camp.  Shouldn’t cost too much to cut him as most of his guaranteed money is in the signing bonus.
  • Cory Proctor – Give him a 2nd round tender on his RFA, and let him try to push Gurode for the starting role.
  • Duke Preston – I don’t know too much about him, but at this spot on the roster, you need to be able to play Guard & Center.  If he cannot play both, then he needs to go (no cost).  If he can, then give him a 2nd round tender.
  • Draft - Need to spend a quality pick (first three rounds) on a G / C to possibly replace Gurode in the next two years, especially if Proctor cannot push Gurode this year.

Special Teams:

  • Matt McBriar – No Changes
  • L.P. Ladouceur – No Changes
  • David Beuhler – Need to get him to start working on FGs ASAP.  The best outcome for us would be that David becomes a solid FG kicker that can be on the team for the next couple of years doing kickoffs and FGs.
  • Shaun Suisham – He needs to be cut (no cost).  You can bring him back at the start of training camp to compete for this if Beuhler is not consistent enough.
  • Nick Folk – I know he is not on the team, but bring him back at the start of training camp to compete for a spot.
  • Draft – No reason to draft a K, P, or LS this year, might bring in a UFA to compete in training camp.

So the way I see it, we would be getting rid of 6 player on our offensive 53-man roster, and adding two (Robert Brewster & Travis Bright).  So we essentially have 4 spots on offense for quality Draft Picks (hopefully a few on Offensive Line) and some Free Agents.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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