My mock

Before I attempt to predict a mock for the Dallas Cowboys I would like to examine the 53 man roster that we sent into battle in an attempt to win the SuperBowl. By examining the 53 man roster I will attempt to identify areas that should or could be upgraded, I will consider how I feel Jerry and Wade evaluate the players as well as they hold the trump card on these matters. I will look into the PUP list,the IR, and the Practice Squad for possible replacements on the 53 man squad.
Here is our 2009 Dallas Cowboys 53 man roster.


9 Romo, Tony QB 6-2 226 7 Eastern Illinois
3 Kitna, Jon QB 6-2 218 13 Central Washington
7 McGee, Stephen QB 6-3 218 R Texas A&M

Romo is the Man, Kitna was n`t put under a micoscope this season so he`ll be back and McGee is still in the egg stage and is not ready to fly yet. There`s no one else at this position within the organization and my best guess is they will acquire a camp arm through Undrafted free agent acquisition who will do good to make the practice squad.

24 Barber, Marion RB 6-0 222 5 Minnesota
28 Jones, Felix RB 6-0 218 2 Arkansas
23 Choice, Tashard RB 5-10 212 2 Georgia Tech
34 Anderson, Deon FB 5-10 246 3 Connecticut

Some fellow Cowboy`s fans like to speculate what if we trade Barber what if we trade Choice, do we need Cricket when Phillips (TE John, not Wade)appears to be the better blocker ? and my belief is Jerry and Wade send this group to battle again in 2010. Now Jerry has already hinted at the possibility of addressing Punt Returner in the draft but would n`t reach consider how effecient Crayton has become so maybe a PR/ RB could be selected late in the draft. Something to consider is all 3 of our RB`s have shown to be considered injury risks and currently we only have Herb Donaldson stashed away in the cupboards.

19 Austin, Miles WR 6-3 214 4 Monmouth
11 Williams, Roy WR 6-3 215 6 Texas
84 Crayton, Patrick WR 6-0 204 6 NW Okla State
85 Ogletree, Kevin WR 6-0 192 R Virginia
17 Hurd, Sam WR 6-2 208 4 Northern Illinois

Recently Jerry made the comment that he would sleep like a baby going into 2010 with the group of wr`s currently on the squad and that wr was not a priority in the 2010 draft. Could be a smokescreen but Jerry`s been a broken record with this and has so far kept his stance and proved it in the draft. That being said there will be some real bargains in rd 4 in my opinion, also we could again be looking for a PR/WR.
My opinion is that Hurd`s spot could be in jeopardy, I think his production could easily be replaced at a cheaper rate (he earned more than Vincent Jackson last yr) options to replace Hurd on the 53 could very well be on our practice squad Holley, Jesse as well as Johnson, Manuel. Another name that enters into the mix is Titus Ryan who was recently signed to a futures contract but faces long odds on making the 53.

82 Witten, Jason TE 6-5 263 7 Tennessee
80 Bennett, Martellus TE 6-6 266 2 Texas A&M
89 Phillips, John TE 6-5 255 R Virginia

What the Boys lack in quantity they make up for it in Quality. Jerry has recently praised Bennett`s abilities so he figures into the Boy`s plans for 2010 so don`t expect a draft day trade. I would expect to see a TE added but it could be during the UDFA stage and would end up being a player assigned to the practice squad.

76 Adams, Flozell OT 6-7 338 12 Michigan State
75 Colombo, Marc OT 6-8 318 8 Boston College
68 Free, Doug OT 6-6 313 3 Northern Illinois
77 McQuistan, Pat OT 6-6 317 4 Weber State

70 Davis, Leonard G 6-6 353 9 Texas
63 Kosier, Kyle G 6-5 307 8 Arizona State
64 Holland, Montrae G 6-2 326 7 Florida State

65 Gurode, Andre C 6-4 318 8 Colorado
69 Preston, Duke C 6-5 311 5 Illinois
71 Procter, Cory C 6-4 311 5 Montana

I`ll breakdown the whole O-Line as a group, Jerry has stated that adding depth to the O-line will be a priority. When I look at the names of these guys that were on the 53 man squad, the guys that stand out in terms of replaceable are Proctor, Preston, Holland, McQuistan. These 4 contributed nothing and will not be missed. When scanning the other players within the organization we see that we have 2 other O-Linemen Brewster, Robert and Bright, Travis, the Boy`s invested a significant draft pick in Brewster and would like him to make the 53 man squad possibly at LG and best case scenario to even upgrade over starter Kosier, Kosier`s roster spot is secure but his value going forward might be in a reserve role. Dropping 4 from the 53 and possibly only adding Brewster reinforces Jerry`s statement of looking to add depth to the O-line.

96 Spears, Marcus DE 6-4 309 5 LSU
99 Olshansky, Igor DE 6-6 315 6 Oregon
97 Hatcher, Jason DE 6-6 305 4 Grambling
72 Bowen, Stephen DE 6-5 306 4 Hofstra

90 Ratliff, Jay DT 6-4 303 5 Auburn
78 Siavii, Junior DT 6-5 318 4 Oregon

I`ll breakdown the 3 man front as a group, what sticks out the most is that 3 of our 4 DE`s will all be UFA`s after the 2010 season and I think there`s a strong possibility the Boy`s might want to get something for them now then receive nothing for them later so possibly one of them could be traded for a draft pick just something to keep in mind come draft day. Notice that are front line is consisted of players similar in size, in my opinion this rules out the massive NT candidates as the Boy`s have passed on numerous occcassions to really beef up the line. Currently on the practice squad the Boy`s have Dixon, Marcus whom Jerry recently singled out as being part of the plans for next yr, even so I expect the Boy`s to add depth to the D-Line in this draft but I`m really expecting a player in the 6' 4" 310lb range that might be viewed as a NT/DE reserve role. I think Spears will be retained.

94 Ware, DeMarcus LB 6-4 262 5 Troy
93 Spencer, Anthony LB 6-3 256 3 Purdue
56 James, Bradie LB 6-2 247 7 Louisiana State
51 Brooking, Keith LB 6-2 242 12 Georgia Tech
58 Williams, Jason LB 6-1 246 R Western Illinois
57 Butler, Victor LB 6-2 246 R Oregon State
54 Carpenter, Bobby LB 6-2 249 4 Ohio State
53 Octavien, Steve LB 6-0 246 1 Nebraska
98 Johnson, Curtis LB 6-3 237 2 Clark Atlanta University

We`re stacked at LB also in addition to the above we have very strong candidates for next yr`s 53 man squad on the practice squad and from IR, Hodge, Stephen ,Williams, Brandon, Williams, Leon,Woods, Donovan. In my opinion we have very little need of drafting a LB in the draft however Jerry indicated that despite the abundance of talent currently on the roster that a workhorse LB could be selected so not sure if they have someone in mind or Jerry puffing smoke.

41 Newman, Terence CB 5-11 191 7 Kansas State
21 Jenkins, Mike CB 5-10 198 2 South Florida
32 Scandrick, Orlando CB 5-10 193 2 Boise State
20 Ball, Alan CB 6-1 188 2 Illinois
27 Gordon, Cletis CB 6-1 205 4 Jackson State

43 Sensabaugh, Gerald S 6-0 210 6 North Carolina
26 Hamlin, Ken S 6-2 209 7 Arkansas
36 Hamlin, Michael S 6-2 213 R Clemson
25 Watkins, Patrick S 6-5 218 4 Florida State

OK raise your hands if you knew we had a Cletis Gordon on our squad. Patrick Watkin`s 2009 claim to fame was the great game he played against the not that one the pre season tilt. on the practice squad we offer up Floyd, Marquis...does that stir up your blood?

18 Buehler, David K 6-2 228 R Southern California
1 McBriar, Mat P 6-1 222 6 Hawaii
91 Ladouceur, L.P. LS 6-4 256 5 California
4 Suisham, Shaun K 6-0 197 4 Bowling Green

The first 3 are safe in fact Buehler will get plenty of work on fg`s to try to free up a roster spot. Maybe Suisham gets a camp invite but I doubt it, maybe Folk gets an invite which I would prefer and maybe we draft or add a kid via UDFA but hopefully the Boy`s will desperately attempt to improve the FG kicking game in 2010.

Injured Reserved
55 Hodge, Stephen LB 6-0 238 R Texas Christian
59 Williams, Brandon LB 6-3 248 R Texas Tech
Physically Unable to Perform
79 Brewster, Robert OT 6-4 320 R Ball State
Practice Squad
60 Bright, Travis G 6-4 320 R Brigham Young
92 Dixon, Marcus DE 6-4 285 1 Hampton
31 Donaldson, Herb RB 5-11 225 R Western Illinnois
29 Floyd, Marquis CB 6-0 190 2 West Georgia
16 Holley, Jesse WR 6-2 213 1 North Carolina
15 Johnson, Manuel WR 5-11 195 R Oklahoma
52 Williams, Leon LB 6-3 247 4 Miami
50 Woods, Donovan LB 6-2 230 2 Oklahoma State
WRs Jesse Holley and Manny Johnson, along with DE Marcus Dixon have been signed to futures contracts for next yr.
WR Titus Ryan was recently signed to a futures contract.

Joel Bell, OT, Furman
Jonathan Evans, RB/FB, Baylor
Chad Jackson, WR, Florida
Marcus Maxwell, WR, Oregon
David Pittman, CB, Northwestern State (La.)
DeAngelis Sandro, K, Nebraska
Kelvin Smith, LB, Syracuse
Keron Williams, DT, Massachusetts

all recently participated in player workouts for the squad but were not yet awarded futures contract to my knowledge.

In a nutshell these players in my opinion could be replaced from the 53 man roster in no particular order.

Hurd, Sam
McQuistan, Pat
Holland, Montrae
Preston, Duke
Procter, Cory
Octavien, Steve
Johnson, Curtis
Gordon, Cletis
Watkins, Patrick
Suisham, Shaun

players that are strong possibilities to replace them on the 53 currently in the organization.

Hodge, Stephen
Williams, Brandon
Brewster, Robert
Dixon, Marcus

Math time shows minus 10 and plus 4 leaving a difference of 6 players needed to be added to the 53 man squad, how many draft picks do we have? 6 now remember the possibility of the Boy`s trading either Bowen or Hatcher for a draft pick but for simplicity sake I won`t include that scenario in my mock draft. Also note that I will not select any players that are slotted to go before our projected draft selection.

rd 1 pick 27
Maurkice Pouncey
Height: 6-5 | Weight: 318 | Position:OL
ranked 38

In last yr`s draft the Boy`s wanted to select Max Unger at 51 but were thwarted when the Seahawks traded up to 49 to select him. As plan B they selected Brewster who spent the entire yr on the PUP list so the million dollar question is will Brewster come back fully healthy and be able to upgrade Kosier? I say the Cowboys are gonna hedge their bets on this one especially since I have identified 4 players from the O-line that are easily expendable.Throw in Pouncey`s ability as a C and this pick is a no brainer. This selection can fill the void on the 53 man roster from the removal of Proctor and Preston...the Pee Boys and we`ll assign Brewster`s spot to the departure of Holland from the 53.

rd 2 pick 59
Nate Allen
Height: 6-1 | Weight: 206 | Position:FS
ranked 60

Can replace Watkins on the 53 man roster and be a serious challenge to Ken Hamlin`s starter role though it might take a yr of grooming.

rd 3 pick 91
Jared Veldheer
Height: 6-8 | Weight: 321 / Position OT
ranked 145

Will replace McQ roster spot but is a project, the Boy`s will march Flo out there for 1 more yr pretty comfortable that Free can fill in if needed, Colombo should be back to form next yr as well but my thinking is somewhere down the road maybe 3 yrs down the road were looking at our bookends in Free and Veldheer.

rd 4 pick 126
Mike Neal
Height: 6-4 | Weight: 293 | Position:DT
ranked 136

Siavii might be better suited for end and Neal will get a strong look as Ratliff`s backup as his style is very similar. My line of thinking is the Boy`s will want to get both Neal and practice squad graduate Dixon plenty of opportunity to showcase their talents to give them a better feel on if they need to open the vaults for Spears/Bowen or Hatcher.

rd 6 pick 206
Trindon Holliday
Height: 5-5 | Weight: 164 | Position:WR/RB/ KR/PR
ranked 352

Fills the need of a return man on both kick-offs and punts, takes Hurd`s spot on the roster at a cheaper price and can fill in at wr or rb in emergency situations though hopefully will not have to.

rd 7 pick 240
Hunter Lawrence
Height: 6-0 | Weight: 185 | Position:K
ranked 337

gets his hat thrown in the ring to be the next Cowboy`s kicker, he`ll need to beat out the kick off specialist Buehler whom the Boy`s would want to win the job and probably a veteran kicker looking for work (Folk?)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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