*Updated* The "vanilla" argument is complete BS!!!!

I have several things I want to say about this game.  I really think this win is even higher than the NO game, the team they beat has a history of finishing the season strong; and dallas was more physical than the iggles.  I think that must chafe the iggles fans a little bit because it was not just the iggles shooting themselves in the foot; as Raf put it they ate their cupcakes, and their lunch today.


I will say one thing for this next game, Joe D needs to show the post game stuff to the boys and say see the think you will fail this week; it is impossible for you guys to beat the iggles 3 weeks in a row.  That should give them a small edge to want to play even harder and make sure they take the iggles down this saturday.

*End Update*

The win is not just big, it was how dallas won that makes it bigger than NO.  The win was so big it caused a case of denial to spread all over the post game shows and the NBC pregame shows; not everyone was affected a few proved to be immune to the virus.  I really think this game caused a few brains to breakdown, that is how big this win was; even the pundits needed to find a reason why the iggles were dominated.  I mean as far as they were concerned if one of the teams was supposed to do that it was going to be the iggles. 

So how do the infected explain what their eyes have just seen?   The iggles did not want to show too much at some point in the game and just focus on next week; some even stated that they did it in an attempt to stay healthy.  I have commented on this item before, I said it then and I am saying it now; that is complete BULL%#*t!!!!!

There are several reasons why this is BS:

The iggles had more to play for than dallas, a win and they have a bye as the 2nd seed a chance to advance to the divisional round and at least one home playoff game.

The week off gives them a chance to work on the new o-line lineup they started with today; another week of rest and work could have helped them.

The idea that dallas and the iggles would rematch if the iggles won is the biggest reason why this argument is BS. Phily would have not faced dallas until the NFC title game if dallas makes it that far; it makes no sense.


I have a few side notes, the ST was a big factor today almost as much as the defense, the punt coverage kept Jackson in line and the kickoff coverage was awesome; Buehler should be ST MVP 4 out of 5 TBs.  I think that gave the defense an advantage because the iggles have not shown the ability to consistently drive the field to score points.  They did get in the redzone, but only once and it was a momentum killer when mcflab fumbled that snap; he was lucky that the pop-up fumble was not recovered by dallas too. 

Everytime spencer makes a play and especially when he sacks their QB the iggles should probably kick themselves; they traded with dallas that let them back into the 1st round to pick-up spencer.  They only have themselves to blame for the production this man has from here on out. 

The next game will be different, the iggles are going to come full bore; and the team knows it.  Every player in the post game interviews said that they believe the iggles are going to come back harder than before.  We all know this is not over, but in less than one week it could be for either one of these teams.  A lot of pundits will say that the iggles have some advantage because they held back, I would like to know when they thought  that happened?  I know they will not name a time but there is definitely one thing they did not consider.  Dallas now has some film on how the iggles O-line runs its protection with their new center; I think WP is going to have some new wrinkles to take advantage of this and that is something that will be under the radar of the msm "expert" analysis.

I said this to my family and friends this week before the game if dallas takes care of the ball, limits the big plays, and plays smart football they will win; well the same applies for next week.   Whatever they did to get ready for these games is what they need to keep doing from here on out.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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