POLL: Start Colombo or Free?

Marc Colombo has been one of my favorites on the team for a couple years now.  I can't remember where I saw it- Hard Knocks maybe- where he told someone on the defense (SAID IN THICK BOSTON ACCENT)-- "if you keep that up, I'm gonna to rip ya f*%#in head off!"  From that moment, I kept an eye for him to get chirpy and chippy in games.  And he sure has.

When Doug free went in to back him up, I had suddenly had that nervous, not-so-fresh feeling (well at least mentally speaking, as I am male). 

It seems like good line play is kind of like good movie direction-  it is best when you don't notice it (i.e. if the QB isn't getting sacked twice a series or the run game is between decent or really good, then the line is doing its job).  Perhaps this is why it is such an underrated, thankless position.

But then all of a sudden we see this sick ass Felix Jones run on Sunday and say 'Wait, who's that blocking ahead of him??  Witten?  Phillips?  L.P. LaDouceur???"       No.  It's Doug Free.  The.  Right.  Tackle.

Pretty amazing play for a right tackle to be ahead of Felix Jones, 40 yards down, and on the left side of the field.  In my humble opinion, it's amazing on the level of when Demarcus Ware intercepted Michael Vick, five feet in front of him and ran it in for 6.

-for those of you who haven't enjoyed this one for a while....



Couple notes on the video:

Listen to poor Dick Vermeil losing his voice.  I think this was the game when he had to stop at half time and they replaced him with Deon.  Can't remember why he lost his voice.  Probably from excessive emotion and a lot of crying that day.

Also, how thankful are you that Bryant Gumballs is not calling any games these days?  God, I know I am.



So why am I writing all of this? 

I'm conflicted and I get the feeling that a lot of my fellow Cowboys fans are as well. 

Colombo is a mean, bad ass that adds a lot of fire and intensity to our line.

Doug Free has been somewhere between a very good back-up to awesome, depending on who you ask. 

From my vantage point, our run game has been a lot better over the past four weeks, but is this because Free is opening up holes on his side better than Colombo or have Garret and the gang simply improved our run game, (regardless of who is at RT)?

And I think I can speak for a number of us when I say that I fear the usual Phillips/Garret Seniority Policy' where they seem to put total playing hours over who is playing better in terms of starts and snaps (i.e. Barber over Jones/Choice; Williams over Hurd/Ogletree).

So what is going on here?  How do we reconcile this problem?  *Note- I'm not complaining and realize this is a good problem to have.





(with no disrespect or ill will to Bryant per the whole lung cancer thing)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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