Wow what a surprise, Free is ready! I'm not surprised.

I know it's only three preseson games but we could not have hoped for more than Doug has done. He has given up 1 pressure and 0 sacks, has pancaked people left and right and when called on to do so and driven guys out of the hole when run behind. He is really good at blocking the speed rush and is a very smart player (pointing out blitzes and recgnizing blitzes). He was called for one penalty that belonged to Proctor. Left tackle is not a problem.


At first I thought Doug should start but Flo has been playing pretty good so I'm happy either way. Flo will have to lose the job or get hurt but Free is ready. He will have the growing pains only experience can stop. I think he's a downgrade to Flo at this point but I think he's really close to being really good. 


The only thing that gives me any reserves about Doug is he gets bull rushed. I hear people say it's because of strength but he destroys guys in the run game and drives them ll over the field. Is that not strength too?  I think he lacks leverage or junk in the trunk? The bullrush problem is overstated as it only occassionally happens. 

Is he ready for the likes of which he will face in the east? Yea, I think he's close. 

LT is not a problem.


HaHa, Mark Colombo is returning and now we have to many good offensive tackles. Think about that for a minute. Ok, remember the Tuker/Pettitti days?

All kidding aside I really like Doug Free. He did not have stupid penalties, he was smart enough to point out blitzes before the play, and he was getting to the second level and blocking like Larry Allen in his prime. I have said that Free could block the speed rushers with the best of them, but his strength at the point of attack was amazing to me in the pre season. 

Getting bull rushed as pointed out below by rotovibe is a tecknique thing.

Bull rush has everything to do with leverage and anyone can get caught from time to time.

If the defender can get underneath the pads and drive, you will always get pushed back.
The technique that is taught to OL is to not let the defender get inside you. 
A popular technique you teach OL is to quickly snap out of your stance (in a passing play) and “pop” the defender off of you with a quick snap of your arms at full length and push with your hands like “patty-cake”. If you keep your arms extended, you will generally defeat the defender from going inside on you and push your base backwards.


Free is looking a lot better at this part of his game. 


Doug Free does two things really well, his footwork and quickness help him stifle pass rushers, I thought his time with Ware probably helps him. I can't find the article now but there was one saying Ware was helping the young tackles with blocking techniques. Doug has been good against speed rushers

The second thing Free does as well as anyone is get to the second level and block. ala his block this past week against the Eagles. This is what caught my eye. Not the Eagles game but the pre season. Doug made several difficult blocks that I didn't think we had another guy who could make the same block. Doug was able to block linebackers and safeties even at bad angles in open space. This opens up a guy like Jones to have big plays. 


Doug showed some power in the run game in the pre season pancaking several scrubs but thats what he's supposed to do. He also showed smarts often pointing out blitzes before the play. He had one penalty called on him but it was Proctor who committed the penalty. 


Colombo or Free we don't lose either way, Flozell is another story. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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