Broken Record

If you hear Wade Phillips and Tony Romo's press conferences you'll notice they sound the same every week. Both of these guys are pretty frustrated. What I took from Romo's press conference is basically what I'm telling everyone and their dog. Hes doing his best with what he can control. He was on his back all afternoon because Jerry decided to go into the season with the same offensive line that the Vikings tore up in the divisional round. Oh and who do we play next week? The Vikings.

Buehler make it easy on us. Become a linebacker because your leg is the most inconsistent thing in the history of the world. You make a 51 yard field goal with ease and miss a 44 yarder. What is your problem? Nick Folk is doing pretty windy East Rutherford. 

In Romo's press conference he said something about control. Basically he can only control so much. The tipped balls aren't his fault. Bennett straight into the air man? Come on! Romo thinks good football teams can over come that and penalties they make. They sure can, but you can't have 2 tipped balls and over 130 yards worth of penalties and expect to win. 

Hes been my favorite player since 2006. It saddens me to see Romo so frustrated and he has to take the blame. Why? Hes the quarterback. I swear if the Cowboys release or trade him this offseason I will never forgive them. Put Romo on the Jets right now they are 4-0 about to be 5-0. The Jets are a prime of example on how to build a franchise. They took D'brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold in the same draft. Instead we go out and stack on every position not named tackle or guard. Instead we think trading for the Rams LT for Bobby Carpenter would cover it up. Instead that guy lost us a game. I refuse to speak of his name. 

Romo didn't see the celebration TD. Of course we got screwed. Columbo lost his balance. Plus why can't they celebrate? Chris Johnson celebrated on top of our mini star. Taunting ref? *Looks the other way* The refs have been horrible all year. Hes lucky we have guys who don't give a crap. What happened to the players with heart? Romo, Miles, Witten, Ware. That is all. All the guys I see who actually give a flying damn. 

We're done with the easy part of our schedule. So yes this is pretty scary. Do I expect anything? No. Will I root on the Cowboys the rest of the season? Hell yea. I mean the shot is small, but at least we're not eliminated yet. 5 division games left, we win all 5, beat the Saints on thanksgiving, and maybe about 4 more wins (I'm going to say Vikes, Lions, Cardinals) We can still win 10 games. 

Jerry you don't fire Wade by week 8 I consider you a fail as an owner. I thought you wanted to win. This is why I am a Cowboys fan. Because they show they want to win yet you just hire a push over so you get credit if the team wins. Hey Jerry has the team won since you messed with Jimmy? Spitzer? That was Jimmy's team! I witnessed none of that because I'm 15 years old and I know that bull crap. You fired Tom Landy over the radio. You're a piece of crap thanks for the nice stadium too bad we won't be playing in it when it matters, Super Bowl Sunday. What about that glaring sun? Sucks when our team has no advantage late in a game. Trying seeing in that crap. Good luck winning without an o line. And thank you Jerry and Wade for messing up what Bill Parcells built here in Dallas just four seasons ago. 

Penalties? Don't even get me started on penalties.

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Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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