It's ALL about the coaching.....or lack thereof

The Cowboys are in trouble.  I think we all know and realize that.  Yet it sounds ridiculous to say only four weeks into the season.  But here we are, 1-3 and it's not getting any better.

This team is simply not consistent at doing anything to win games.  The one thing they are consistent at is racking up penalties.  At that point, let's stop and ask ourselves why.  The answer is simple.  It's the coaching, or lack thereof.  Great teams have great coaches.  Great coaches have their teams well prepared for the week.  The offense and the defense know what to expect in the next opponent and practice according to how the coaches prepare them.  Great teams overcome bad plays.  Great teams find a way to win.  This team is doing neither.


I'm old enough to have watched Bum Philips with the Houston Oilers back in the 70's.  I saw a mediocre team play beyond their talent level and make it to the playoffs.  They never made it to the Super Bowl because they were always beaten by the better team.  The Steelers.  Bum had good players but they weren't great.  His son Wade Phillips has great players but they only play good.  What's the difference?  Why don't those great players play great?  Why such mediocre play during his tenure?  Simple.  WP does not motivate his team to the point where when its game time, this team is chomping at the bit to play football.  He's called Coach cupcake for a reason.  That's bad.


Why did Jimmy Johnson win 2 back to back Super Bowls?  Because he challenged his playmakers to make plays.  He got in their face and made them play disciplined ball.  He would not tolerate stupid players.  Go ask Curvin Richards if you don't believe me.  WP does not and WILL NOT do this.  Take a look at some of the sideline shots sometimes when the camera is on him.  He ALWAYS looks confused or clueless about what's going on.  After last year and finally winning a playoff game, I was willing to give Phillips some grudging respect.  No longer.  He simply doesn't inspire this team.  It's time for him to go.

Jason Garrett is an experiment that's failed.  While I like that he and Romo have a great rapport, it's just not working anymore.  JG seems to be pass happy during games and abandons the running game when the Cowboys get behind.  I think that's wrong and when you do nothing but pass, the defense just pins their ears back and Romo gets killed.  We have three great running backs and barely use them enough to take advantage of them.  It's simply not good coaching.


The offensive line.  Way way way too many penalties here.  Why is there no consistency here?  Why are these guys always having to hold or false start so damn much? Because they just aren't that good. When it comes to protecting Romo from the elite pass rushers, this OL simply gets schooled.  Remember the Minnesota game?  Jared Allen had a field day.  Hudson Houch is supposed to be a good OL coach.  If so, where's the proof?  These guys get more yellow flags thrown at them then  than a nascar pileup.  You can't win like this.  Too many missed blocks and penalties are killing this team and it's got to stop.  The coaches aren't doing their jobs.

The fumble against the redskins.  Granted, Choice made a mistake, but the big mistake was calling the play in the first place. 

It's past time to send WP home and get a REAL COACH to coach this team.  Does that mean its JG's time to be the coach?  I don't think so but this team is in SERIOUS need of some new coaching blood to kick start this team to winning again.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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